Happy New Year!

I’m sure by now, it’s safe to assume that the hangovers have worn off, the diets have been started (and already broken, thanks to a box of Roses you forgot you had from Christmas), smoking has been stopped (mostly because you can’t afford to have a 40 a day habit this month) and the depression of how much you hate your job threatens your very sanity.

The festivities are officially OVER!

Despite this, Gutter UK is surprisingly upbeat and optimistic with regard to 2013; we have the inside track on who is going to make it BIG this year!

Yes, January will be anything but miserable with us as we bring you in-depth profiles and exclusive interviews with THE bands of 2013; those promising musicians who are destined to make a shattering impact on the UK music scene over the next 12 months.

Who are WE to tell YOU what is gonna be HUGE in 2013?

If our month-long “Soundtrack Of My Life” special last year proved ANYTHING, it was that the Gutter UK Team know their SHIT!

 Banish those January blues with Gutter UK ALL this month and find out FIRST who will be dominating your iPod in the not-so-distant future.