Sam Smith has recently featured on Disclosure’s single “Latch” which went on to be one of the songs of 2012.

It’s one of those tunes that really trickles into your brain, both because of the production and the vocal. Once I’d heard the track I absolutely had to find out who was behind such an amazing vocal, and that’s when I discovered Sam Smith.

It’s still pretty hard to find much information about Sam online at the moment, aside from his links to Disclosure. A brief browse of his Facebook page will help you understand how many people are positively itching to hear more from him. He has said on Twitter he’s been in the studio so there are big hopes for tours and releases in 2013.

It seems that given the impact he’s made, he doesn’t really have a choice but to release more music.

His vocals are just perfect, quite unusual and really encompassing, perfect to exemplify the feeling of falling and being in love. It’s also clear to hear that his versatility will ensure that he can really lend his voice to a range of styles – his vocals are comfortable on the dance/electro side of things but would also sit really well on a soul/ballad track – which is what makes his future so exciting.

One thing’s for sure, his appearance on ‘Latch’ has left everyone wanting more meaning that Sam Smith is definitely one to watch for 2013.