Fake Club are a five piece hailing from London, Liverpool and Essex. They want a revolution. They record everything live with no click track.  They write all their own songs and self produce. They love Queens of the Stone Age and Nirvana.  

Oh, and their all girls.  

I caught up with Aicha, Chloe, Carmen, Rosie and Vicky to chat inspiration, lazy Runaways comparisons and the lack of fake eyelashes . . .


How did you meet?

Well, we were already a band and happened to see Carmen in a blues bar in Camden. She was an amazing guitar player and we knew we had to ask her join our band.  So after a long night of drinking whisky, we just organically formed.  It was never our intention to be an all female band either. It just happened. We wanted to be making amazing, kickass music and not just a girlband who happen to be good.

Can you sum up the Fake Club ideology?

Keep it real! We are one of few bands who write our own songs that are relevant to what we believe and record ourselves. The main thing for us is playing live. We want to recreate what’s on the record in the live show.

As opposed to the usual all female band influences, who really inspires you as musicians?

The biggest rock bands like Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters and Queens Of The Stone Age. We want to be one of the greatest.  We don’t need to play to the lazy journalism comparisons of The Runaways, Suzi Quatro etc.  We like being women but we can’t play drums or guitar in heels or with fake nails. You cant sweat on stage with fake eyelashes on.  Sonically we are much more  like Queens Of The Stone Age and great rock bands. Rosie has a naturally raspy voice and those bands are a good fit with what we do.  I bet Jimmy Page never gets asked what its like writing songs with a penis. John Bonham never discussed hitting a snare with his cock!  Gender doesn’t come into it. People should be talking about our music not the fact that we are chicks. Its great that there are more female musos coming to the fore though like Haim and Deap Vally. But it shouldn’t matter.

What gear do you use?
We like Ludvig drums and vintage kits like Gretsch.  Both guitarists complement each other with a strat and a Gibson SG so that we sonically cover all wavelengths.  We use Marshall Vintage remodels of Hendrix’s amp for that fuller sound.  For bass we love Ampeg amps. They always have to be taller than us though for more power! Its important that our sound has imperfections, as this is human nature, and that we can recreate live what we’ve recorded.

Whats next for Fake Club?

The most important thing for us is playing live.  We’re well rehearsed and we are human. We have our club night and our magazine as well as by products of the live show.  Our next single is called “Over And Over” and we’ve just shot an amazing video for it.