Love is in the air . . . Or is it?

In the spirit of St Valentine’s Day, Gutter UK have compiled the ultimate love song playlist just for you. With a twist, of course.

Don’t expect hand-holding or pledges of undying love from us; we’re paying an unconventional tribute to Valentine’s Day with our favourite alternative love songs . . . 

Kimberley Manderson

Bruce Springsteen ” Human Touch”

From the outside it doesn’t seem like it’d be an amazing love song, with Springsteen claiming he “ain’t nobody’s bargain” and seemingly just looking for some plain old company. But, if you look deeper it’s actually a fitting love story for the way our ideas and attitudes to the subject change as we get older. As a teenager I was desperately hopeful for some amazingly intense, hot guy to give me a love to which nobody could compare. However, as you get older you realise that there’s not much more you can ask for than someone you can get along with and have a “little of that human touch”.

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds “If I Had A Gun”

Although it’s kind of creepy that Noel suggests his “eyes have always followed you around the room” in a sort of weird Mona Lisa way, this song beats any other lovey efforts from the last 18 months. Who would say no to a guy wanting to burn a city down for you or who wants to fly you to the moon?

Miles Kane “Take The Night From Me”

It’s what every girl hopes to do; tame a guy. The song tells the tale from the untamed male’s point of view, providing the sort of sentimental stuff that makes girls (like me) go weak at the knees. The 60’s sound helps reinforce the sweetness of it, while the intro would have you believe you’re being wined and dined on the Italian Riviera.

Dean Walsh

Stone Sour “Say You’ll Haunt Me”

Corey Taylor wrote this song about his wife and is about the way he feels about her. “Say You’ll Haunt Me” goes deep into the things he feels when he’s around her and how much he loves her.

Johnny Cash “Walk The Line”

I love listening to this song, everything about the way the melody runs and the way Johnny Cash sings just makes you feel good. The song is about being able to stay loyal and true for the sake of being with the person you love. We all know Cash had his problems with drug abuse in the past and this song shows how much he cared about his wife, June and how much he was willing to go through to stay with her.

Guns ‘N’ Roses “November Rain”

I love everything about this song; it’ just a beautiful piece of music to listen to. “November Rain” is one of my all time favourite music videos; it’s so powerful and easy to get lost in. I love so much about it; Slash nearly losing the ring, the helicopter flying over his guitar solo, the over-the-top reaction of the guy who leaps over the table and crahes into the wedding cake when it starts to downpour and that first distorted chord near the end of the song, it gives me chills every time.

Tess Rose Askew

Deftones “RX Queen”

Although this track is dark both in lyrics and sound, the sentiment is actually quite romantic, or so I think. I’ve always loved this song!

The Cure “Love Cats”

It’s all about that bassline on this, a classic! There are all kinds of theories as to the inspiration for this, but I like to think of it as a love song.

Bob Marley “Is This Love”

What a tune! Full of warmth and love. The story it tells is beautiful and I think this is definitely the best love song ever!