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SIB will be posting musings, advice, and her thoughts here on a weekly basis. Be warned, this IS a sex column and although there won’t be any steamy visuals (it’s not porn, ya know?) the text WILL be NSFW.

Hello again, Baltimore! Have you missed me? Well, I have definitely missed you! Sorry for the prolonged silence from me here at Gutter Magazine, but what can I say – life gets in the way sometimes. I promise that I will not leave you again like that. What better day to return to your open arms than Valentine’s Day!?


Enjoy this day. You deserve it. But don’t express your love for one another only on this day. Make a reminder to yourself to do small nice things for each other every day. You don’t need to spend a lot of money or time to show your significant other you care about him/her. Here are just a few things that will get you a lot of mileage (and appreciation):

  1. Leave a small note in his/her coat pocket saying something nice
  2. Compliment him/her on something that you really like about your partner
  3. Send a racy text or picture in the middle of the day
  4. Make a surprise playlist on iTunes/Spotify/Pandora/etc of songs that remind you of him/her (it’s today’s mixtape!)
  5. Make him/her a special dessert or treat when they aren’t expecting it
  6. Hold hands


Enjoy this day. You deserve it. Don’t let people tell you it’s SAD (Singles Awareness Day) – if you are single, I’m pretty sure you are aware of it other days, too. Treat yourself to a special something that you might not normally allow yourself to do. Again, you don’t have to spend a lot of money or time to remind yourself that you are a worthy person. Here are just a few things that make “you” the focus:

  1. Go out with a small group of friends for a nice dinner
  2. Curl up with that book that you have been meaning to make time to read
  3. Volunteer for a worthy cause
  4. Make a playlist on iTunes/Spotify/Pandora/etc of songs that empower or inspire you (it’s today’s mixtape!)
  5. Spend some time doing something you really enjoy
  6. Smile


It’s just one day! Don’t put too much importance on it, because there will be another one tomorrow. And as one of my friends on Twitter smartly observed – Chocolate will be 50% off tomorrow!

I’ll be back soon, but feel free to ask away – I love answering questions and hearing your suggestions: and follow me on my blog, Twitter, and Tumblr.