Kerri Watt performed at Glasgow’s Pivo Pivo on 17th February, fresh from her American Tour.

Classic songs shaped her performance, including “Little Sally” and “May Queen” as well as her new effort,  “California Heart”, the video was recently released while Watt was still touring the US.

Kerri Watt was born in Glasgow, Scotland where from a young age she learned to sing and play the piano. By the age of 16 she moved to study musical theater in California before starting her own music career. Kerri’s style is a unique blend of country western, blues and pop, drawing influence from Eric Clapton, John Mayer and Billy Joel.

Closing classic, “May Queen” is very rhythmic with a great vocal melody that shows of her range and blends beautifully with the guitar. It starts off soft and melodic before building into an anthemic chorus before dropping back down for the bridge, giving a slow crescendo to that last big chorus where Kerri’s vocals really shine.

“California Heart” was filmed in America and is a beautiful piece with a lovely harmonica melody throughout. The song is well written and constructed and was released especially for Valentines Day last week.

Kerri Watt is a very talented artist to listen to with fantastic musical ability with a debut EP due later this year.

Check out Kerri Watts “California Heart” here