“It’s Over” is the debut offering from Scandinavian songstress, Beatrice Eli.

The 4-track EP showcases Beatrice’s unique blend of dark synth-soaked pop, downbeat ballads and Scandi-pop in songs, “Definite Mistake”, “Violent Silence”, previously released single, “The Conqueror” and title-track, “It’s Over”.

“I’d like to be perceived as someone who’s real, and passionate about what I do. I’d want to be the bad-ass daughter of Jackie Brown. It’s gonna take some living experience to get to that level, but I’m working on it”, says Beatrice who is already widely popular in her native Sweden.

Watch “It’s Over” here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmCleF1NQaM

“It’s Over” (EP) is available on Sunday 24th march 2013.