A’phreaq is a techno artist that has been performing his live sets at various parties along the east coast of the US, from Out of Order in Pittsburgh, to U Street Music Hall in Washington, DC. With an emphasis on improvisation, the direction of his sessions are never quite the same. He uses a variety of hardware gear to facilitate his on-the-spot creations, drawing influences from labels like Ostgut Ton and Deeply Rooted. Producing a self described ‘warehouse’ deep techno sound, he’s captured the ear of more than a few fans. This week he celebrates a debut production release on the newish Baltimore record label Better on Foot.

“Dead Language” is the collaboration between A’phreaq and Lomez, who asked him to join in on a track after becoming a fan himself. It’s the latest in a series of releases from the label focused on featuring hometown talent. Previously debuted Baltimore artists have included Timbre Woods and Dim Neon Sum. Lomez himself has enjoyed a string of well received EPs, which have been supported by DJs like PillowTalk and tINI.

Lomez (Photo by Stephen M. Packard)

Once in the studio, the two neighbors (who live a block away from each other) became inspired to create something that transcended current trends. “There’s so much [music] with full vocals coming out right now, and sometimes it feels like they’re speaking without really saying much. So that’s where the inspiration for Dead Language came from.”

In this release, the pair are successful in commuicating a playful, teasing groove that speaks to the soul with a percussive rhythmn. Listen to the new cut from two of Baltimore’s rising drum poets, available today: http://www.beatport.com/release/equestrian-ottoman-ep/1056721