“Hello and welcome to Club Fontaine, the show will begin in 10 minutes”

It was a sold-out stint on Saturday night at Glasgow’s Classic Grand as The LaFontaine’s put on their best suits and got ready for the show. With support from Waiting For Gp and DJ Big Al, Club Fontaine was open for business.

The LaFontaine’s are a rock/pop band from Motherwell with a unique style that sets them apart from anyone else on Scotland’s music scene. Club Fontaine have been tearing up the gig circuits from their hometown to London, and Glasgow looked set to be yet another memorable slot for the band.

This group of rising stars are a hugely entertaining band to watch play live with an enormous energy and charismatic stage style. Lead vocalist, Kerr O’Kan, in particular, has an undeniable stage presence with bags of swagger, interacting comfortably and effortlessly with his audience.

Combining soft rock with hip-hop inspired vocal lines creates an unusual hybrid for The LaFontaine’s and has captured the ears and minds of both fans and critics alike. Whether fast and fierce, or slow and melodic, each song is soaked in specialness, complete with catchy choruses that whip the crowd into a mass singalong.

The LaFontaine’s brought their much-anticipated set to a close at the weekend with “Shark In The Water” before bowing out with, “Paperchase”, two up-tempo tracks that showcased the band’s already famous energy. The encore definitely got the biggest reaction from the crowd; their stand-out lyrics and irresistible groove making jumping and dancing a MUST!