Summer has officially arrived as we venture into the month of June (we pray that the sunshine is just temporarily delayed here in Glasgow) and with it, we launch ‘Gutter Recommends . . .’, our essential guide on music, fashion, film, literature and anything else relevant to you lovely lot, coming at on the first of every month.

Shall we?

Album : “True Love Ways” Lou Hickey

Sultry Scots singer/songwriter, Lou Hickey has FINALLY released her debut album! A Club Noir regular and Gutter favourite, “True Love Ways” has been a long time coming with Lou funding the majority of the album herself. “True Love Ways” is an exciting, eclectic mix of pop and jazz accompanied by “old school” style instruments including ukelele, cello and the trumpet. “True Love Ways” pays homage to a sound and style of an era gone by, yet manages to remain more fresh and original than anything you’ll here on the radio. A true talent that has been grossly understated, Lou Hickey a is a treasure worth discovering.

“True Love Ways” is available via iTunes NOW!

Gig : The View, Live at King Tuts Wah Wah Hut

Dundee-born and bred, The View are bringing their brand of zesty pop/rock to Glasgow on the 12th of this month when they play King Tuts as part of Sunday Mail’s Seven Nights. The band have enjoyed roaring success since the release of their fourth studio effort (and best album to date) “Cheeky For A Reason” last year. The View have long proved that they are more than Libertines rejects, they are a force to be reckoned with and an unmissable live band.

Book : “I’m With The Band”, Pamela Des Barres

Miss Pamela was theĀ groupie of the music scene in the 1960s/70s Hollywood. “I’m With The Band” is a MUST read for any girl (or boy) who has ever fantasised about sex with the frontman and details Des Barres’ intimate moments with Mick Jagger, Keith Moon and Jim Morrison, to name but a very few. A stylish but sweet confession of being with the band is a hilariously, honest memoir and the perfect read for summer and our forthcoming festival season.

iPhone App : TuneIn Radio

Since giving into the dark side of technology and buying an iPhone in January, I have become an app junkie! TuneIn Radio is by far my favourite; endless radio stations at your fingertips covering a wide variety of musical genres from mainstream, predictable pop stations that seem to play the same songs on a permanent loop to US college radio playing grunge/indie anthems that I haven’t heard for YEARS! The perfect app for the music lover.

Festival : Rockness, Inverness, Scotland

The younger, better looking (and more hygienic) sister to Balado’s T In The Park, Rockness has quickly grown in popularity since beginning in 2006. I popped my Rockness cherry in 2011 with the likes of Paolo Nutini, The Wombats and Glasvegas and was immediately smitten. The 2013 line-up boasts slots from Madness, The Vaccines, Plan B, The Maccabees and Basement Jaxx among many, many more. Festival season has landed . . . from Friday 7th June to Sunday 9th June 2013. Excited, much?!