Dundee’s finest, The View took Glasgow’s live venue equivalent of the Holy Grail by storm last night where they played a stellar set at King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut as part of The Sunday Mail’s Seven Nights.

Support came from Glasgow-based band SOS who delivered a short but confident slot; frontman, Jonny Skinner oozes cool and a swagger similar to Glasvegas’ James Allan, a trait he no doubt learned when supporting the band on tour in 2011. SOS’ signature sound has gained them a strong following, one which was in full support last night, raucous singing and cheering accompanying their set; their homegrown sound echoes The Scheme and Glasvegas.

The View took to the stage to a homecoming reception; the intimate capacity of King Tuts struggled to contain the enthusiasm of the crowd who clapped, sang, stamped their feet, heckled the band in good fun and clambered on top of one anothers shoulders, much to the annoyance of security and delight of fellow revellers cheering them on.

The band’s set was furious and fun; highlights from all four of their studio albums to date shaped the blistering set, including big hits, “Same Jeans”, “Wasted Little DJs”, “Shock Horror”, and signature song, “Superstar Tradesman”. Despite still hovering under the international radar in comparison to their musical counterparts, The View have an enviable and undeniable talent of stripping away the superficial sewage that has filtered into the music industry (with particular thanks to reality talent shows) and bringing a confident, cool set to their fans which oozes all the favourable components of a Glasgow house party.

Frontman, Kyle Falconer is the epitome of a loveable rogue; more cheeky than he is cool but has a positive habit of really letting himself go and enjoying a live show; a trait that translates well and enables fans to enjoy themselves even more. Falconer’s “wing man”, guitarist, Kieren Webster echoes this good-time vibe and The View are one of the few bands who look like genuine good pals onstage who are having a ball! Webster shone in his brief spotlight on tracks, “Hole In The Bed” and fan favourite, “Skag Trendy”.

The View have long outgrown their “pretenders to The Libertines crown” label they were dubbed with early in their career and last summer’s studio effort, “Cheeky For A Reason” proved that, but this special show obliterated any lingering doubts once and  for all.

Last night’s gig was a treat for fans and the ideal warm-up for the band who are supporting The Stone Roses this Saturday at Glasgow Green; The View may never experience the legendary status associated with The Stone Roses outside of Scotland at least, but Ian Brown and Co should be on high alert this weekend because THE VIEW ARE ON FIRE and may very well steal their comeback thunder.