Man Of Steel Superman has been re-booted more times than DC’s infinite earths can handle and this summer’s release of Man Of Steel reminds us why Superman is one of the greatest superheroes ever created. It follows young hero-in-training Clarke Kent, as he tries to defend the city of Metropolis and the rest of the world from General Zod who plans to create a new Krypton over the ruins of Earth. The film is packed with high octane action, dramatic and grippingly tense scenes and a cast of great actors who all play their respective roles excellently – yes even Russell Crowe who thankfully, doesn’t sing in this movie. This is a far cry from the Superman we all know and love; he isn’t the boyscout superman from the comic books who swoops in to steal all the glory and doesn’t let anybody die, or the charismatic Christopher Reeves who was the heroic face of Superman for a long time. Man Of Steel presents a much more realistic hero for this generation (As realistic as punching someone on the other side of metropolis can get!) Check out Man Of Steel this summer and remind yourself why Superman would kick Batman’s ass in a fight.


The Last Of Us is the new standard of gaming and already on its way to becoming game of the year. Never before has a game made you so emotionally invested within the opening scene and it makes you care for the characters throughout. The Last Of Us is a wasteland survival story set 20 years after a virus spread across the world turned the people into zombie like creatures who have taken over most of the worlds population. The game follows Joel, a smuggler from Texas, who is put in charge of smuggling a young girl, Eli out of the city and to a group of freedom fighters known as the fireflies. Eli is the key to saving humanity as her blood is immune to the infected people and is the last hope for humanity. Everything about the game feels very realistic from the swaying gun mechanics, to combat and melee fights and the cinematic quality of the cut scenes which look more realistic and live action than ever. If your sick of the classic zombie invasion games and instead, want a game which explores how the world has changed and the society they live in, then check out The Last Of Us.


Heavens Basement are a hard glam rock band from England who have just released their debut studio album, “Filthy Empire”. The album is very upbeat and rocky with catchy vocal lines and harmonies. Heavens Basement have just came back from playing double duty at Download Festival and are set for their first UK tour. “Filthy Empire” has spawned three singles “Fire Fire”, “Nothing Left To Lose” and “I Am Electric”,all which showcase the bands high energy and infectious lyrics; making it one of the best debut albums of any new band.