Heavens Basement are entertaining; they are energetic and europhoric. They are electric, they are electric, they are electric, they are electric!

This hard rock band from England are a fresh taste on old school rock and roll, (who thankfully leave the spandex and glitter in the 80’s) who focus on bringing hard rock into the 21st century, with fast and energetic guitar riffs, soulful and lick driven guitar solos and vocals which could give Freddy Mercury a run for his money.

After touring the country with bands Halestorm, Black Stone Cherry and Buck Cherry, Heavens Basement have embarked on their first major UK headline tour playing sold out shows all over the country including Liverpool, York and, of course, Glasgow’s Ivory Blacks. Heavens Basement showed everybody that rock n roll is not dead and their first studio album “Filthy Empire” proves just that.

There is no better way to listen to this album than at a live concert, hearing the crowd sing their big vocal choruses makes the songs sound more epic, matched with Aaron Buchanan’s powerful vocal range. Their first single “Fire Fire” is a fast, powerful track which breaks in the middle with beautiful vocal and guitar melodies, thay build into an all-mighty guitar solo as if rising from the grave of old school rock and roll.

Anybody who has seen a local gig in Glasgow knows just how intimate a venue Ivory Blacks is, so seeing this sold out show with hundreds of people packed in together makes it feel like a much bigger concert as you feel closer to the band separated only by a small barrier. Even with the small venue and small stage, the band can still move around from one end another, even managing to crowd surf to the other side of the venue to pour themselves a drink.

Heavens Basement are heavily influenced by old 80’s rock music which is very rare to see in bands today. Especially when we have so many variations of music nowadays, whether it be indie, rock n’ roll or metal, Heavens Basement still play the kind of music they grew up listening to, keeping it alive in this day and age. However, Heavens Basement are not a band who tries to sound like the next Guns n’ Roses or Led Zepplin, they are a band who brings their own uniqueness to a genre which is becoming more and more extinct. It is hard to compare this band to anyone else because there is not another band out there like them!

Watch my exclusive interview with bassist,Rob Ellershaw and vocalist, Aaron Buchanan as we chat sound, inspiration and future aspirations here