Album : “Enjoy The Company” The Whigs

Fourth album by US band The Whigs, “Enjoy The Company” is released on August 5th and is well worth a spin for both fully-fledged fans and for those that are new to the Whigs’ sound. An album full of pure celebratory rock n roll, it’s a must-buy for fans of Americana sounds and a good old fashioned album you can drive to. It has sunny skies, long roads and laidback trips written all over it.

Film : Definitely NOT “1D : The Movie”

As much as I’d love to recommend “This Is Us: One Direction The Movie” as the best thing to go and watch at the cinema this weekend, I fear I’d give our Ed a heart attack! If pop music half-documentaries, half-concerts float your boat then you’re in abundance in August with Robbie Williams “Take The Crown Live” also screening, but if you’re more a fan of fantasy and escapism (some might say that’s what cinema’s all about) then I’d recommend “Kick Ass 2”. Due to hit the UK silver screens on August 14th, Chloe Moretz, Aaron Taylor-Johnson (the less we talk about his awful surname the better) and Co are back for round two of what they’ve titled “Balls To The Wall Hijinx” with a little help from none other than Jim Carrey. This plotline sees Red Mist enlist the help of Mother Russia to take out Hit Girl (Moretz). And there’s rumours of a Scottish premiere too, according to Mark Millar’s twitter.

Gig : Kings Of Leon, Bellahouston Park, Glasgow

My all-time favourite band growing up, Kings Of Leon, are hitting Bellahouston Park on August 15th; their biggest Scottish performance since they sold out Murrayfield in 2011. They may have had their quarrels and demons to battle over the last few years, but there’s little doubt that these Tennessee troublemakers have come a long way since performing “Molly’s Chambers” in dive bars (my favourite KOL phase), and sure know how to create and perform stadium rocking anthems to an eager and ever-growing crowd. With new material in the form of recent single “Supersoaker” and hopefully some tasters from forthcoming album “Mechanical Bull”, it’s guaranteed to be a fantastic evening!