Controversial troubadour, Pete Doherty rolled into Glasgow (on time) last Wednesday for a sold-out show at Glasgow’s Barrowland Ballroom alongside his Babyshambles bandmates.

Fresh from releasing their third studio album last Monday (2nd September 2013), the band were introduced in traditional Scottish style with a piper playing the bagpipes. “Delivery”, the first single from 2007’s, “Shotter’s Nation” kicked things off, determining the rowdy, raucous tone of the gig from the get-go.

Material from latest offering, “Sequel To The Prequel” dominated the set-list and, despite having only two days to get acquainted with the album, fans welcomed it like an old friend. Doherty appeared rejuvenated and focused; granted his dirty fingernails and greasy hair are still apart of the act, but he owned the crowd and stage before he sang a single word.¬†The band laughed and frequently hugged between songs, looking genuinely pleased to be back on the road playing new material for their fans.

Old favourites, “I Wish”, “Killamangiro” and “Pipedown” whipped the fans into a frenzy but it was signature song, “Fuck Forever” that stole the set; Doherty was barely audible above the roar of the crowd. However, Babyshambles anthem, “Albion” was a glaring omission from the zesty set. Fans appeared to have forgiven Doherty for cancelling his solo show last year just an hour before show-time.

Their latest offering may have been met with mixed reviews but  Babyshambles proved that they are back; confident, polished and not caring one iota about what the critics have to say.

“Sequel To The Prequel” is available now.