Close your windows, lock your doors, grab your Thunder Buddy and hide under the bed like a real man, because we all know that, this month, the witching hour is upon us!

For those of you embracing the early darkness, the chill down your spine and, of course, the excuse to get into a costume at last, Gutter recommends the best thrills for the month of October . . .

Theatrical Production : Frankenstein

Oh no! Not the ‘over-acted, makes you laugh more than scream’ version. This is director Danny Boyle’s latest masterpiece: a play broadcast through the Cineworlds of Britain on October 31st 2013 with, wrap your heads around this, a hot monster! Strutting from the success (and huge female fanbase) of “Star Trek: Into Darkness”, Benedict Cumberbatch asks us, who is really the (gorgeous) monster?

Watch the (frankly, vomit-inducing) trailer here:

Event : Classic Grand’s Halloween Party, Glasgow (2nd November 2013) 

Just off the murky bridge of Central Station, is a rock club that goes into the underside of Jamaica Street. On November 2nd , it will be filled with the foulest monsters that Glasgow knows! With a £500 prize for best costume, you can bet they will flock, crawling greedily into one of the city’s best rock clubs. (£8/10 entry)The horror even continues on into the 3rd with their “Trash And Burn” night that enthusiastically encourages, “glam, trash and sleaze”. Artsy gothic make-up and fishnet tights, is there any reason not to? (£4 entry)

Play With A Difference : Rob Drummond’s “Bullet Catch”

If dancing next to the characters of “Funny Bones” doesn’t get you screaming, there’s always this thrilling option;The Arches presents a magic trick so dangerous and impossible, Houdini himself refused to attempt it. Advertised as a magic show and a theatrical play, Rob Drummond tells the story of the last “bullet catcher” who died attempting to grab a moving bullet almost 100 years ago. With audience participation, this will definitely be a show to remember!

(Tickets £11/15, 1-13th October)

Album : Lawson “Chapman Square, Chapter II”

The soundtrack easing us into the colder, cuddlier nights is Lawson’s repackaged album, “Chapman Square, Chapter II”. After the success of hit “Taking Over Me” last August, Lawson disappeared to refurbish their original album which features new artwork and six new songs such as “Juliet”, “Back To Life” and “Parachute”. A little bit soul, a little bit cheer. A little bit rock, a little bit pop. It ticks all the right boxes.

Available on Monday 21st October 2013.