Kids today, I beseech you, don’t do drugs. No, seriously, there’s no need for them. Most of the effects of LSD, shrooms, weed, etc can all be found among the psychedelic rock melodies of an MGMT concert.

A fun but relaxed evening? Check! A “screw society” attitude mixed with “love and peace”? Check! Substance abuse? Judging by the drunk who almost collapsed beside me . . . CHECK!

Touring to promote their new self-titled album, MGMT gave Glasgow a night of mellow beats, rainbow shapes and yes, maybe a “Duuude” or two. The duo from Connecticut are considered the “new New Order” and are known for their mind-bending music, namely “Kids” that reached 16 in the UK charts and has countless covers and remixes, including Ben Lee and The Kooks.

The show started with a happily surprising act from their New York-grown support, “Guards”. The brother (literally) of Cult were passionate, loud and a good way to get their small crowd into the mood. There were a lot of shared nods of approval as their energy hit the rest of us in front of the stage.

After their support, MGMT opened with “It’s Working” that resulted in their small but dedicated fan base alternating between swaying and bouncing (something I’ve never seen before) followed by screams easing in cheery student-anthem, ” Time To Pretend”.

With the colourful lights hitting the eyes of the audience more than spotlighting the band, and a backdrop of freaky, often sexy shapes, it was no surprise to feel a little warped. The fans covered all manner of sinners; people who have nothing else in common, no other band, no other place to be, nothing, were dancing together for MGMT.

Arms were getting tired from holding up lighters for “The Youth”. It’s the only time I’ve ever wished I smoked.

The show ended with an encore featuring two songs from their new offering and as the doors opened for fans to begrudgingly leave, there was a growing hum of “Time To Pretend” filling the cold, Sauchiehall Street air. With the O2 ABC starting the wind-down of their tour, the duo have packed up and moved on to Wolverhampton. They will be hitting Manchester, London and finally Dublin for the last of their tour.

Any time I feel like I want a high, I’ll be grabbing MGMT’s new album, a kaleidoscope and maybe a few shots of Sourz to help the process. I wasn’t alive for the summer of love, but I feel like I got a taste of it on Saturday night.