Baby, it’s cold outside . . .

Single : “Come Over”, Vladimir

Dundee 4 piece Vladimir are set to release single “Come Over'”on November 18th, a tasty slab of feedback and distortion laden goodness. Not to be confused with Christina Aguilera’s 2000 hit “Come On Over (All I Want is You)”. With it’s post-punch artwork, it’s not so much girl-next-door noughties pop than Twilight Sad wall of sound guitars, post-punk tones and vocals recorded through a cheese grater in a church hall.

Listen to it here

Album : “Cupid Deluxe”, Blood Orange

The shape-shifting song-smith Dev Hynes returns once more as Blood Orange with his sophomore output entitled, “Cupid Deluxe”, also released on November 18th. This time with collaborators aplenty and more ’80s-nodding groovy times. The first record, coincidentally named ‘Coastal Grooves’, actually contained more groove than is actually legal in four countries in West Africa. Fingers crossed for more of the same.

Listen to single, “Chamakay” here

Pre-order here