Jake Bugg made a triumphant return fit for a homecoming kid to Glasgow last week, selling out two consecutive nights at the city’s 02 Academy.

With just weeks to go until he unleashes his sophomore offering, “Shangri-La” onto the world, the anticipation is high and the pressure undeniable for 20 year old, Bugg but his army of fans seemed optimistic; jubiliantly singing along to an indie-friendly playlist of Oasis and The Stone Roses before Bugg took to the stage, setting the rowdy tone for the evening.

A carefully-planned setlist sound-tracked the gig; an equal mix of new material from his forthcoming album, including lead single, “What Doesn’t Kill You” and the best bits from his self-titled debut, including “Two Fingers” and “Simple As This”; a nod to the music that put him here and the music he hopes to keep him here.

Bugg himself has definitely come a long way in a few short months; his last outing in Glasgow in February saw an awkward, self-concious teen struggle to keep his audience interested between songs with limited interaction or chat. This time around, Bugg presented a cool,confident frontman, who chatted effortlessly with fans and even cracked a joke or two.

The surprise of the night came in the form of country-tinged, heart-string pulling ballad, “Broken”, taken from Bugg’s debut album. The atmosphere was electric as fans voices joined in unison with Bugg’s unique vocal, creating a truly spine-tingling moment.

Time will tell if Bugg has the goods to back him up outside a live gig; we’ll have to wait and see if he has the potential for longevity and a career that manages to extend a few albums, instead of crashing and burning in a “here today, who? tomorrow” fashion.

One thing is certain, however. That kid ain’t half bad.

“Shangri-La” is available on 18th November 2013