Despite the nearing end of “The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here” UK tour, Alice In Chains did not fail to deliver in putting on a spectacular show for Glasgow last week.

Recently formed support act “Walking Papers” kicked things off with a selection of blues-tinged, rock songs from their self-titled album. The band involved the crowd from centre-stage, before vocalist, Jeff Angell took an unorthodox but welcome approach to entertaining by performing whilst walking among the audience.  Next to take the stage were Swedish metal band, Ghost who certainly dressed to impress with lead singer, Papa Emeritus wearing his usual skull-style make-up and the remaining members wearing the bands signature hooded robes. With most of the crowd singing along to songs “Prime Mover” and “Monstrance Clock”, a lively and upbeat atmosphere was created before the main act even graced the stage.

Alice In Chains frontman, William DuVall ensured the entire venue was on their feet while guitarist Jerry Cartel paid homage to Scotland by wearing a kilt, the audience were definitely not disappointed from the get-go when they received the longest show from the band’s current tour.

Kicking off the night with “Rain When I Die” the crowd instantly erupted with crowd surfers being thrown into the air from the outset. For the duration of the two hour long set fans screamed and jumped without inhibitions, while getting the opportunity to witness their idols perform in front of them.  The band played a range of songs including “Dam That River”, “Stone” and “It Ain’t Like That” while the classic hits “Man In A Box” and “We Die Young” undoubtedly received the best receptions of the night.  When all four members had gone off-stage, fans began chanting for another song which was met by a five song encore including “Check My Brain” and “Again” , both of which were not on the original set-list before the show concluded with old track “Rooster”.

Despite the band not being the original line-up, Alice In Chains still know how to put on an energetic, charismatic performance; a leading example which many other rock bands take influence and inspiration from, no question.  Alice In Chains delivered a breath-taking performance of crowd pleaser after crowd pleaser, meaning everyone went home happy and in high spirits, probably having witnessed the best gig of “The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here” Tour 2013.