Family Guy have done the unthinkable: killed, arguably, their best character. I say “arguably” to be kind to those who prefer Peter or Lois, or even those fans who like Meg. No? Okay then…

To commemorate Seth MacFarlane effectively shooting himself in the foot (or maybe running his foot over, whatever), let’s celebrate (The Life Of) Brian with his finest moments . . .

Stewie, this is for you. For closure.

Peanut Butter Jelly Time

Let’s start with something you won’t get out your head for weeks…

Wasn’t that fun? One of Brian’s rare, so-messed-up, were-they-high-when-they-thought-of-this? moments, apparently inspired by an internet phenomenon I hadn’t heard of but damn, is it catchy! Proof that Brian’s voice can improve anything.

Potty Training

With Lois tired of having to wipe her feet before entering the house (maybe she should look where she’s walking…?) Brian is ordered to stop going in the grass and to start using the toilet like everyone else. Stewie has the “training” to qualify as an aid, but not the courage, so after about 20 “Careful!” exclamations, they pull the flush and run for their lives at the noise.

It reminds viewers who we’re looking at here: a dog and a baby. The weirdest friendship and yet the most common. A bit of nostalgia for old pets occurring, anyone?

(Apologies for the quality. Not my creation.)

A Bag of Weed

With a voice like that, it’s no wonder Brian’s famous for his sing-a-longs. I dream of him to cover “I Will Always Love You” for my lullaby. (Hint hint, Seth! You’re not dead…?) Brian’s determination to do something about the major issues and pride in being a civilian standing up for what’s right, mixed with a means of relaxing provided by “the guy down the alley” resulted in a song I can’t imagine showing up on CBeeBies.

Stoners, enjoy…

Trapped In The Bank

One of Brian’s more touching encounters; but this being Family Guy, the way Brian has to express his dedication to his close friend, Stewie Griffin, is to “eat his poo”.

The oddly, refreshingly, artistically simple episode features a frightened Stewie with a conundrum: standing in a full nappy, locked in a safety deposit room, nowhere to go and a gun nearby.

And so Brian gets a disgusting snack, prompting Stewie to throw up. Dessert is on the menu. This is on the list to show the importance of Brian. He’s not just the pet that gets a mention once every season when the vet comes to town. He is the only character who understands (in every sense of the word) Stewie.

Despite their back and forth banter, the L word was said in this episode. They’re the Ross & Rachel of the series.

And now Ross is dead!?! Oh, come on! You couldn’t expect Stewie not to be Rachel!


Easily Brian’s finest comedy moment. He has had a lot of relationship issues, starting with struggling with a burning fire for his owner’s wife, coming to a head with the infamous Gillian(?) who of course talks like this(?) like everything has a question mark at the end of it(?) at the end of every question(?), but the best of the bizarre bunch (which I noticed includes a few cases of women that are “too old”, but what do you expect when you’re eight years old?) is definitely Ida.

War hero, Dan Quagmire (yes, you read that right) is in town to see his sex-crazed son and to under-go a sex change operation. Hence, after emerging from the hospital a blonde, fit young thing, she goes into town and inevitably runs into an oblivious*drumroll* Brian.

That’s not the best part . . . When Glen finds out his father/mother was de-flowered by the neighbour’s snooty, annoying, bipedal dog, an epic beating ensues, ending with the most epic parting statement since “I’ll be back”…

R.I.P. Brian Griffin. You will be sorely missed. Sincerely. Only God knows what the series will be without you…