The Fratellis brought their much anticipated, “We Need Medicine” tour to Glasgow last month. Despite being on an extended hiatus until late last year, the bands third studio album, released in September, has saw the trio back to their best.
Latest single,”Seven Nights Seven Days” kicked off proceedings, setting the tone for the evening. Frontman, Jon Fratelli made a deal with the audience early on in the gig; for every new song the band played, they would play a classic tune, creating a well-rounded set of songs old and new.
The indie-dancefloor friendly tracks that the band are known and loved for including, “Baby Fratelli” and “Henrietta” got the crowd bouncing.  “Shotgun Shoes”, “Rock N Roll Will Break Your Heart” and “We Need Medicine” showcased the newer, blues-rock inspiration of the band.  The encore gave the fans what the were waiting for with “Chelsea Dagger”, undoubtedly the highlight of the night, whipping the crowd into a frenzy.
For a band who crash-landed onto the mainstream in 2006 with their debut and a whole host of possibilities, only to lose it practically overnight with a disappointing second album and poor sales, The Fratellis have certainly had a unpredictable career. The end of their hiatus and release of new material has been warmly welcomed by both fans and critics alike, so the future, for now, looks very bright indeed for The Fratellis.
“We Need Medicine” is available now.