Star Trek: Into Darkness

Geeks galore! I believe a few Comic Con addicts dreams came true when this was declared, never mind released. Poor Kirk was outshone by his mortal enemy in this flick, as is anyone else alongside Benedict Cumberbatch I suppose. It had everything begged for: a hot Spock, a good fake Scottish accent for Scotty and the famous scream of “KAAAAHN!”Oh, not to mention a cast that can act. How they’ll top this one will be a miracle.

Pain & Gain

Finally, a good biopic film! Sure there’s folk saying half the very fine details aren’t true, but that what comes of making a film about people that are still alive. Can you imagine what Hitler’d say? Three muscly men, a plot to steal money from a chief gangster and some hormone-altering steroids: what could possibly go wrong?

The Way Way Back

From the studio, cast duo of Steve Carrell and Toni Collette, TLC and simplistic style and family message that made Little Miss Sunshine so memorable, is The Way Way Back. Wallflowers of the world rejoice! This film gives me hope. Sure it doesn’t have a 10 year old doing a striptease for a pageant, but it has a water slide record broken and an excuse to want to punch Steve Carrell (something I have never experienced…!)


It’s difficult to make me scare or cry. The trailer – not the film – the trailer did both! Not with a hockey mask and a chainsaw, not with an invasion of dreams, but with Buzz Lightyear’s nightmare. The real dangers of being an astronaut are running out of oxygen or maybe crash landing back home (although I don’t think there’s another way) but what was haunting me was spinning off into nothingness, which this film often threatens. Starring a woman for a change, without that (or her tits) being the selling point of the movie. That’s how you do it, directors! It’s not an alien movie, it’s not a horror movie and it’s not a teary movie. What is it?!


Not for the fainthearted. I can imagine the Made In Chelsea folk watching this and wondering if there are really people like this and do they really live a 3hr train ride above them? Yes. Yes we do. Our pride and joy since Trainspotting, and from the same author, Filth somehow took the humour of a guy doing whatever the f**k he felt like and somehow turned it into a tragic story. It’s a weird feeling halfway through when you realise you maybe weren’t supposed to be laughing. This is a movie that will stay with you.