Song Of 2013

Kimberley : “Chocolate”, The 1975. It’s just too catchy!

Siobhanne : I loved Icona Pop’s “I Love It”. Infectious, unapolgetic pop, brilliant!

Album Of 2013

Tess : “. . . Like Clockwork”, Queens Of The Stone Age

Jaq : “AM”, Arctic Monkeys. A few contenders this year but none with the consistency of this record

Band Of 2013

Kimberley : Haim, definitely!

Laura : I think Arctic Monkeys have had a really great year!

TV Show Of 2013

Jaq : “Fresh Meat”, the character development this season has been awesome!

Tess : Season 3 of “Luther” has been really good.

Film Of 2013

Siobhanne : “Filth”, no question! James McAvoy gives the performance of his career; dark, twisted, funny with a surprisingly poignant ending

Jaq : “Captain Phillips”, what a performance!

Gig Of 2013

Kimberley : Jake Bugg at Glasgow’s 02 Academy in October.

Tess : Queens Of The Stone Age at The Hydro.

Festival Moment Of 2013

Siobhanne : The Rolling Stones headlining Glastonbury was a special (but VERY overdue) moment.

Kimberley : Hearing Bruce Springsteen perform, “I’m Goin’ Down” live for the first time at Hard Rock Calling

Style Icon Of 2013

Tess : The lovely Fearne Cotton

Laura : Cara Delevingne

Scandal Of 2013

Siobhanne : Reese Witherspoon pulling the “don’t you know who I am?” on police. Who knew she was such a diva?!

Tess : Miley Cyrus and her attention-seeking!

Villian Of 2013

Kimberley : James Fucking Arthur!

Siobhanne : Robin Thicke. Not for being responsible for offensive, derogatory, “rapey” anthem, “Blurred Lines”, but for dedicating it to . . . his wife. And, they say romance is dead. The best response I have seen . . .

Hero Of 2013

Laura : Iron Man. No, Robert Downey Jr. No! Iron Man! Without Robert Downey Jr in the role, Iron Man would be nothing but if I was going out on a date with RDJ, I’d probably insist he wear his Iron man get-up!

Kimberley : Russel Brand. Who knew the former ‘Shagger Of The Year’ could be such an intelligent revolutionary?!