A name you may not have heard yet, but are definitely destined to in 2014, is Fake Club.

Comprising of five girls from London, they are far from your typical Girls Aloud-style girl-band. I had an exclusive chat with the girls to bring you the skinny on who Fake Club are, what they’re about and why you’ll definitely be hearing more from them this year . . .

How did the name Fake Club come about?

Potentially . . . Or, it’s just an anagram of the title of our debut album. Or, the title of our album is an anagram of our band name. Or, it’s a secret dig at the industry. Or, it isn’t . . .

There’s a comparison doing the rounds hailing you as a modern-day Spice Girls, what’s that all about?

We just really, really, really, really, really wish that would go away . . .

You seem very influenced by the punk era, what statement is it that Fake Club are trying to make, what do you stand for?

We stand for music, playing instruments, writing songs, playing sick gigs, loving life and everything that we make and do. All we want is to play and we put that first in front of everything else. Sometimes, musicians forget that that is the most important thing about being a musician . . . the music. Ignore the other noise and do it ‘cos you mean it.

What sets you apart from the two break-out female bands of 2013 (Deap Vally and Haim)?

There’s 5 of us and only 2 and 3 of them.

Do you tire of  the constant comparisons to other female musicians?

YES! It shouldn’t be about what sex we are, it should be about what music we’re producing. One day we’ll take the “girl” out of “girl-band”.

Do you agree with Lily Allen, is it hard out here (the music industry) for a bitch?

If “bitches” are both male and female, then yes.

When can we get our hands on an LP and what can we expect from it?

Our very first album that we ever did make will be out at the end of the third month of the year 2014.

Have you got any tours or festivals lined up already for 2014? Where can we catch you live?

We have LOADS of gigs lined up for this year . . . support tours across England including shows with The Answer at the beginning of the year. then our own thing after that. Then, hopefully, any of the English and European festivals we can sneak our way into. It’s the first time we’ve done any kind of proper touring so we CAN’T WAIT! You can keep up to date with it all at www.facebook.com/fakeclubband and on twitter, @fakeclubband.