With the year barely a week old, there have been some amazing announcements as far as festival line-ups, albums, films and TV shows go. Here’s my Gutter guide for what to keep your eyes (and ears) out for this year . .

New Artists

Recently interviewed for Gutter, these girls are sure to make waves this year. With a punk ethos, feminist values and catchy indie-noise hits to boot, you’re sure to hear about them in more ways than one. They’ll be on tour in the UK next month and will hopefully have an LP for us before  summer. For fans of 2013’s band-of-the-year Haim, you may have seen and heard Saint Raymond, who supprted for the girls on their autumn UK tour. Real name Calum Burrows, this Nottingham lad oozes more talent than expected from his 18 years. He’s just released his “Young Blood” EP this week and is touring the UK at the end of March.


Loads of new albums are in the pipeline for 2014, with the rumor mill also doing overtime. One main highlight is Bruce Springsteen’s 18th (count ‘em!) studio album “High Hopes”, releasesed this week (13th January). The album contains many old reworkings and live rarities, alongside a few covers, much to the delight of fans. Another highly anticipated album of 2014 is Paolo Nutini’s “Caustic Love”. Originally announced via social media in December, Nutini created a fan frenzy seemingly out of the blue. We’ll have to wait till April to hear the Paisley buddy’s third album, making it four years since his last LP release.


For pop fans, fangirls and outgrown teenagers alike, there’s surely no higher regarded tour of 2014 than the McBusted tour. A supergroup merging the 00’s bands Busted and McFly, the tour promises all the hits from both bands from the past 12 years. Yes it’s been that long. Does that make you feel old? And for those actually old, or just appreciative of old-school rock ‘n’ roll, AC/DC have confirmed that a tour is in the works for 2014, in a bid to celebrate the band’s 40th anniversary. It’ll be AC/DCs first outing since their “Black Ice” tour ended in 2010. On the theme of anniversaries and performances, there’s vicious rumours also flying around about a certain Manc band fronted by two arguing siblings, but it’s all just hearsay for the moment . . .


There’s lots to get excited about at the cinema in 2014, particularly if you’re a fan of reboots and sequels. One of the films we’re most eager to see come to fruition is “Veronica Mars”, the silver-screen version of the popular 00s TV show starring Kristen Bell. After a huge kick-starter campaign, the film secured its funding and will be in our cinemas from March. Hooray for that success! In the way of reboots, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” is due for release later in the year, starring Megan Fox (not as a turtle, unfortunately) and Will Arnett. There’s more comic book films and sequels aplenty to expect throughout the year, including more from “X Men”, “Captain America”, “The Amazing Spider Man”, “Resident Evil”, and many more. Keep your eyes peeled for a “LEGO” movie, too!


In case you haven’t been on planet earth for the last couple of weeks, everyone’s been talking about the return of “Sherlock”. Starting with a spectacular episode on New Year’s Day, Steven Moffat’s version of everyone’s favourite socio-path has made a much welcome return. Other shows finding their way back to our screens this year include “24”, Dr Who” – complete with a new (hopefully potty-mouthed) Doctor in the form of Peter Capaldi. “The Muskateers” starts this month. It’s another new take on an old classic from the beeb, starring “Skins” graduate, Luca Pasqualino. For the “Breaking Bad” Brigade/Netflix crew, spin-off show, “Better Call Saul” airs this year with no exact date, though it’s expected to hit our small screens around summertime.


Of course there are festivals aplenty we’re looking forward to, including the usual Glasto, Edinburgh Fringe and the like, but there’s also a new festival from Lost Maps Records on the Isle Of Eigg this summer, called Howlin Fling. Promising to deliver something new and special, it’s an alternative to the same old T In The Park. In addition to this, Glasgow has its own cultural celebration this year. The 20th Commonwealth Games will be held in the fair city from July 23rd to August 3rd. With the major British athletes dropping like flies, and Usain Bolt not running the 100m, it could be your chance to see the world’s next big sporting superstars first!