Some might attribute this to Courtney and Kurt, Brody and Josh etc, but let’s be honest, none of them are as cool or as awesome as Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale.

She was an American female frontwoman of the otherwise male band No Doubt, made a household name with their 1995 album “Tragic Kingdom”, and it’s biggest selling hit “Don’t Speak” (coincidentally about Stefani’s break-up with No Doubt bassist Tony Kanal). He was a British rocker in grunge band Bush, who, though had been going since the 80’s, had their heyday in the early 90’s.

They met while their bands toured together in 1995 (like a modern day fairy tale) and since then have never really looked back. Officially in a relationship from the following year, the pair managed to keep their transatlantic relationship going, not to mention keeping BA/American Airlines in business  for six years before Gavin finally got down on one knee.

So far, so normal in the world of long distance relationships. They married in the same year, September 2002, at a ceremony in St Paul’s Covent Garden, here in Blighty. During this period, Gwen’s career went from strength to strength, both with No Doubt and as a solo artist, whilst Gavin was at a bit of a loose end as Bush unofficially split.

However, it wouldn’t be career jealousy that would give their marriage a knock. No, in 2004, just after the honeymoon period was over, the couple were hit with some particularly shocking news. No rock n roll marriage would be complete without one scandal or another, and theirs would fit quite nicely on a celebrity episode of Jeremy Kyle.

The shocking results of a paternity test proved that Daisy Lowe, daughter of designer Pearl Lowe and Gavin Rossdale’s god-daughter, was in fact Gavin’s biological child. Such news could have been potentially marriage-ending, but not to Gwen and Gavin. Rather than let news from a previous fling from before they met (Daisy was born in 1989) ruin their happiness, it only made their bond stronger and family a bit bigger. It also helped Rossdale elevate a bit in the bad boy rockstar scale.

Two years later, Daisy’s half-brother Kingston was born, and the paparazzi had a field day photographing her pushing baby bro down the street in a pram. Second son Zuma came along in 2008, rounding off the whole happy family. Turns out the paps’ hope for juicy gossip and family feuding was quashed.

Still a target for gossip magazines and bloggers alike, there have been various waves of on-off stories, tellings of feuds and the like in the Stefani-Rossdale camp. However, it all seems to be just vicious rumour, as theirs is a brilliant love story that’s never-ending. No nasty splits, wife beaters, troubled souls or untimely deaths. No stupid arguments and selling their tales to the papers.

No, quite the opposite.  In fact, Gwen has just recently confirmed the couple are expecting their third boy imminently! Congratulations to the happy family, and long may it last!