With him being My Chemical Romance’s frontman and her being the bassist for Mindless Self Indulgence, one might think a long lasting relationship would be hard to come by,  however Gerard and Lyn-Z Way make it work perfectly.

An obvious love the pair share is their love for music, but another interest they have is their passion for art with both of them being very talented artists themselves; Gerard wrote The Umbrella Academy comic mini-series, while Lyn-Z has contributed to CD artwork.

The couple initially met when Gerard’s band supported Lyn-Z’s in 2003, but it wasn’t till meeting again four years later that their relationship blossomed. Both bands were featured on the bill of  Linkin Park’s “Projekt Revolution” Tour and on the final date of the tour,  the couple got married in a backstage ceremony.

In 2008, Gerard and Lyn-Z announced that they were expecting their first child and their daughter, Bandit Lee Way was born in summer 2009.

However, not long after the couple wed, Lyn-Z expressed her frustrations about how the public’s view of her had changed since her marriage in an interview with Kerrang! Magazine, “It’s offensive that my name has disappeared and I am now referred to as Mrs Gerard Way“.

Gerard and Lyn-Z have to be admired as a couple; they have managed to maintain a healthy and strong “celebrity” marriage, despite high-profile music careers and media scrutiny, and they have done so in a private manner, successfully shielding their young daughter from the sometimes unwanted glare of the public spot-light.

My Chemical Romance may be over, but Gerard and Lyn-Z’s romance is still going strong.