One is founding frontman of one of the world’s biggest rock bands, the other is front woman of one of the most popular punk bands of the past couple of decades. Together they are Joshua Homme and Brody Dalle.

Now, no one knows just what goes on in anyone else’s relationship, and that’s the way it should be, but Valentine’s offers up the opportunity for us to look at some of the public details of the coolest couple in rock’s relationship.

The romantic life of Joshua before his relationship with Brody seems to be something of a secret. Brody, on the other hand, had a very public relationship which culminated in her marriage to Tim Armstrong from Rancid in 1997. Brody was 18 and left her home in Australia to be with Armstrong who was 12 years her senior. Pictures of Joshua and Brody suggesting that they were more than friends surfaced in Rolling Stone magazine and resulted in Brody and Tim’s divorce in 2003, dividing fans of punk and rock circles.

This didn’t hinder their relationship however, as Joshua and Brody got married four years into their relationship in 2007 and live together in Palm Springs, California. Their first child, Camille Harley Joan Homme was born in 2006 and their son Orrin Ryder Homme followed in 2011. Understandably, the couple shield their kids from fame and strive to ensure they have a “normal” upbringing – whatever that is!

In an interview with The Guardian in June of 2013, Homme was quoted as saying of fatherhood “It hasn’t mellowed me. It’s stolen me. It’s captivated me.” Brody has talked about the fact that becoming a mother has allowed her to let go of all the hate of her teen years, allowing her to rebuild her relationship with her mother. It is interesting to hear two people who have had so much influence on the rock world discussing the merits of being parents and the fact that having children means that your perspective on almost everything changes. At the same time, they have still managed to produce music and travel the world performing.

Dalle has been working on her first solo album over the last few months, which is long awaited from her fans. She has just debuted the first release from her solo album called “Meet the Foetus / Oh The Joy” in which she celebrates motherhood. Joshua is just finishing the “…Like Clockwork” tour with Queens Of The Stone Age and there are already rumours of a new album not being too far away after this.

I recently saw Queens of the Stone Age at Glasgow’s Hydro and saw Brody side-stage with their kids; imagine watching your dad on stage all over the world right before bedtime. What really appeals with this couple is that they seem to maintain the perfect balance between living a rock and roll lifestyle and raising a family: still making great music and performing all over the world but managing to keep their shit together enough to raise a happy family of two kids and two parents.