There’s a palpable sense of ‘knowing’ in Bloc this evening for the launch night of the 2014 Scottish Alternative Music Awards.

A safe bet being that most, if not all present this evening, are either in bands or have at least a connection to the awards themselves.

We Came From Wolves open precedings with an angular dynamic alt rock mission statement of a track. Generally, bands of this ilk in Glasgow are ten a penny; Biffy Clyro (un)inspired tripe, however there is more substance than that to this four-piece. That said, second track “An Eagle For A Fish” contains sections which wouldn’t sound all that out of place on “Puzzle”. With a twinned drummer and guitarist, Harrison and Taylor White, who were recognisable from previous high school band Whigs and Rakes. Taylor, now rocking the Russell Lissack/Johnny Greenwood fringe, look sharp as a collective. “A Bastard Son”, “A Brother To No-One” provides the main vocal hook of the set and the most punch and swagger of all the songs.

The follow up, Mono Six, commence with “We Were Electric”, instantly giving off a Sunshine Underground feel and, although a couple of minutes too long, the track is well arranged as an opener. The song thereafter was a highlight, with definite sounds of “Come Around Sundown”-era Kings Of Leon. The band stick well to the loud chorus and vocal-led verse formula as a three piece. However, sounding more like a four piece on “Girls Like Guns”, the band showcase the money maker. The percussion sounding almost melodic; it definitely wins the SAMA for ‘tune of the evening.’

The award for best 6-man racket would go to Pronto Mama. They kick-off with most recently released, “Goose Step”, which is tight and oddly enough benefits hugely from a tambourine live. One of the many new songs showcased is “Fragile Damaged Goods” which is more akin to the first EP’s progressive pop stylings with a shuffle feel mid section; this will surely be a strong track on the next release. Then, comes another new track sounding like an improved version of “Fruit Loop” from first offering. “One Trick Pony” is treated to a lovely ambient keys intro and sounds as big as ever preceding the closer of “Rubber” which, without trigger pad, still sounds full and presents the band at their most Snarky Puppy-esque; all bass chops, grooves, keys and horns.

The Scottish Alternative Music Awards 2014 take place on 7th March 2014.