After a quick tour of Australia, Twenty One Pilots have stopped off  in Europe for a headline tour which landed in the UK last week, showcasing the twosome’s unique musical talent.

The night began with “Fake You Out” which immediately set the tone for the evening ahead. “Migrane”, “Ode To Sleep” and “House of Gold” followed, building momentum and getting the crowd going. In addition to the music, the pair from Ohio entertained their audience with a number of flips and spills, met by loud cheers.

Next up a cover of Van Morrison’s classic, “Brown Eyed Girl” was played with the crowd in full voice, before the duo returned to their own material with “Holding On To You”, “Addict With a Pen” and “Car Radio” shaping the set.  

Twenty One Pilots encore consisted of “Truce” and final song, “Trees”, before the pair created a truly unique ending then they ditched the stage and, giving fans boards to hold above their heads, “drummed” their adoring crowd.

Throughout the entire set the band were sure to show their appreciation for everyone that had came to the show and said they will always come back to Glasgow for as long as they are welcome. “Vessel”, the American duo’s first studio album is available to buy now and with work on their next album already begun, they are definitely a group to look out for in the near future.