With the confirmation of a once thought impossible Libertines reunion this week for a show at Hyde Park in July, wishful thinking has been in the air at Gutter HQ . . . What if more bands of the past took a leaf out of their book?

If Barat and Doherty can shelve their difference and share a stage again, can Morrissey and Marr be far behind? Or Roger Waters and Dave Gilmour? Or Liam and Noel?!!!

Hey, we can dream . . .

“In a decade where comebacks have been almost second nature, it’s hard to decide who I’d like to reform, as most bands I like (and a lot I don’t) have already done so. However, there was always gonna be one person who said it: The Beatles. More as a social experiment than anything else; if they could all be with us today and reform, would they be just as good as 50 years ago? Would they rehash the big hits just to keep the cash rolling in, much like some of their contemporaries? Would they still be finding ways to make new and cutting edge music, simultaneously shocking and entertaining people? It’s a mystery I’m gutted we’ll never find out the answers to!” Kimberley Manderson

Queen. Definitely Queen. They could do no wrong! What other band could get a stadium full of Green Day fans singing for 8 solid minutes? What other band is on EVERY karaoke playlist? No-one in this world can simply stop at “Is this the real life?” That makes them legendary” Laura Maxwell

After their shock split last year, there is a lot of speculation about whether My Chemical Romance will ever reform. With the band from New Jersey ending on good terms after 12 long years together, a future reunion isn’t out of the question; as it was the band themselves that thought it was time to quit. For now, each of the members are focusing on different solo projects, some of which are music related. The recent release of the greatest hits album “May Death Never Stop You” ensured that fans were kept on the edge of their seat by including a previously unreleased track and some video footage. Leaving their mark on the music scene by causing a lot of controversy, it is questionable whether as a reformed band the music produced would still have the same impact as it did previously. Although, it does not seem like the band will be getting back together  in the immediate future,we’ll just have to wait and see.” Victoria Adams

Wu-Tang Clan! I’d love to hear what the Wu-Tang Clan of “36 Chambers” could produce in 2014. Most of the collective have been together producing music since then, bar the odd fued (Raekwon and RZA are embroiled in one right now) but are missing one of their most integral parts in the form of the late ODB. Not to say that the music they have been producing since then hasn’t been to standard, but there is always that niggling wee thought of what they would sound like with the late, great ODB still around.” Tess Askew

“With more than half a CD collection by artists who enjoyed their heyday before I was even out of nappies, it makes picking just one very difficult; I never got the opportunity to see INXS play live with Michael Hutchence at the helm (don’t even talk to me about JD Fortune), Ian Curtis took his own life 6 YEARS before I was even born and Pink Floyd played their last gig together in 1995 (with the exception of their Live8 reunion a decade later) when I was just 9 years old and not ready for the twisted world of “The Wall“. However, it all boils down to one band for me; The Smiths. The band haven’t played together since 1987 and a reunion looks unlikely, to say the least, “I would rather eat my own testicles than reform The Smiths, and that’s saying something for a vegetarian” (Morrissey, 2006). However, a homecoming gig in Manchester with signature song, “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out” closing the show is the stuff my daydreams are made of.” Siobhanne Beattie