For the sixth consecutive year, Stag and Dagger will be taking over venues across Sauchiehall Street in Glasgow and beyond to showcase many of the best new bands available. Granted, to a more casual music fan there may be a more than a couple of unrecognisable names but with 50+ acts on from two tomorrow afternoon (Sunday 4th May) to the wee small hours of Bank Holiday Monday (much to the dismay of anyone unfortunate enough to not have Monday off work, including moi) there’s something for everyone looking to get their 25 bucks worth.

One such name possibly recognisable by line-up skimmers is The Strokes’ guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. with two full length albums and an EP to pick his setlist from, he is set to headline the main stage ABC portion of events following up the fruits of Los Campesinos and The Hold Steady.

If filthy garage grooves is what you dig there are Domino Records darlings The Amazing Snakeheads along with Fat White Family bringing their dark delights and rounding off the events at Nice ‘N’ Sleazy and ABC2 respectively.

When the philosophy is ‘the more instruments the better’, the offerings of Pronto Mama and Anderson McGinty Webster and Fisher (AMWF) may well be just the ticket. Pronto on the more electronic, funky, horn-laced Glaswegian side they are showing early doors at the lovely dingy Broadcast. AMWF possess more mandolin/double bass folky, tweed jacket Dundonian elements and bring their singalong jams to ABC2 mid-bill. Both are a treat.

For those who get their kicks out of tenuous links to Foals, Jagwar Ma won’t disappoint. The former’s artist Dave Ma and the latter’s guitarist Jono Ma are brothers yo’. Aside from this although being of Oz origins the sound is as Madchester as you like, reverb soaked vocals and funky beats ahoy. Following in the footsteps of American Football, Hockey and Lacrosse are Denverites Tennis who cross the pond to spread some indie/pop loving. Alternatively, for any recently formed bands who looking for a name “Curling” should see you alright, or perhaps “Baseball”.

Following a recent stonking Jools Holland performance there is mega buzz surrounding Royal Blood, a duo who make a racket more like a four piece, although the set up is pure Lightning Bolt, the sound is pure Queens Of The Stone Age desert rock. Fat riffs aplenty for those looking to get their rocks off, or rather in. Undoubtedly, their Scottish brethren are Scary People, a band only two EPs deep but this doesn’t show live or on record. Their set up in contrast to Royal Blood actually includes three guitarists for optimum face-melting.

Tickets are still available.