As Angelina Jolie gives Disney’s “Mistress Of Evil” Maleficent the silver screen treatment, let’s take a look back at the darker side of Disney with some of the most evil, calculating and terrifying Disney Villains ever to give us nightmares!

Frollo “Hunchback Of Notre Dame”

Shoving Disney into a more adult themes, Minister Frollo is really nothing more than a teenage boy with power, guilty of something we all can relate to; lust. And who can blame him with Esmeralda around? Of course, Frollo has his demons. The rest of us don’t go around burning down houses or capturing hundreds of people for that “one with the great a**”. Praised with the best song on the soundtrack, Frollo may not have got the girl, but he managed to overshadow her!

Cruella de Vil “101 Dalmations”

You know how we women say we’ll do anything for that pair of shoes? Most of us don’t mean anything, most of us can’t even wear real fur, never mind get to skinning our own (though that could be a matter of money rather than morals). She may be glamorous, but Cruella’s greatest accessory is something no money can buy: the crazy eyes. By the way, when is that two tone hairstyle going to be mainstream? Or have I missed my chance?

Hades “Hercules”

Can you think of a funnier bad guy? It takes a special kind of person to make you pee your pants for more than one reason. Sleazy, creepy and yet, charming, Hades is the guy in the trench coat at the back of the car park waiting to make a deal. You know you’ll agree, whatever it is he wants. Only, you don’t wanna make him angry. We all need to scream into a pillow at some point, but we don’t set our bed alight doing it. Forget Cruella’s hairdo. I want hair of fire!

 Scar “The Lion King”

Scar has to be the scariest villain in the Disney World for one simple reason: other villains may attempt to “kill”, “destroy” or “torture” our hero, but none succeed, save for Scar. It’s hard to improve Shakespeare, but I believe Disney achieved it. The Lion King may be the most horrifying and wounding film Disney has ever produced; as children we wailed at the cinema screen, now as young adults, we relive it on the couch bearing a scar that reads, “Long Live The King”

Maleficent “Sleeping Beauty”

Maleficent gets the hotspot for being a force to be reckoned with; Don’t you dare lose this girls invite in the post! Should she not be invited to an event, say the announcement of a new Princess, she’ll not only shove it in your face by showing up anyway, but she just might throw a curse on the newborn and then spend the next 16 years hunting the Princess down. A little obsessive you say? I dare you to say that to her face! Thankfully, I think all the invites to the future King George’s Christening arrived OK . . . Best keep an eye out, just in case!