This weekend saw Kasabian play to a homecoming crowd of 50, 000 in Leicester; the band have evolved from shaggy-haired indie boys into edgy and experimental masters of their craft. Since forming in 1997, Kasabian have graduated to one of the most important and celebrated bands in the UK today. We look back at the 5 Tracks that catapulted Kasabian from Oasis’ shadow to one of Britain’s biggest and best bands . . .

L.S.F (Lost Souls Forever)

Taken from Kasabian’s self titled album and giving them their first top ten hit; Meighan and Co showcase the genre of indie rock. Including a chorus which will replay over and over in your head, the musical style of the four piece is conveyed without leaving anything to the imagination.

Club Foot

Also taken from debut album “Kasabian”, the guitar riff in this song is easily one of the most recognisable and iconic of the last decade. Due to numerous appearances in television, video games and films it is a well known anthem that is guaranteed to get everybody singing and dancing along no matter what the occasion may be.


This anthemic track ┬átaken from third offering, “West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum”, is one which compels you to sing along. The basic sound played during the versus contrasts with the electrifying chorus showing the versatility of Kasabian’s musical abilities combined into a few minutes.


One of the more rock songs compared with the indie style of previous albums, this single from “Velociraptor!” displays the unique Kasabian sound despite differing from previous releases. The 2011 release shows that even after many years in the music industry these men still know how to make heads turn with their music.


The lead single from the bands latest release and fifth consecutive number one album, “48:13”, this is an inescapable feel good anthem that puts an electric twist on rock as we know it. Although the lyrics may be rather tongue in cheek and not to be taken too seriously, this track definitely shows that English musicians can write a song that is entertaining, electric and edgy.