Glasgow’s Broadcast (Sauchiehall Street) is set to give festival revellers a preview of Wickerman Festival tomorrow night when they host The Sunday Herald’s Unsigned Bands Competition; the winner will play Wickerman Festival in July.

Hosted by XFM DJ, Jim Gellatly and headlined by Caithness’ newest export, Neon Waltz, the event will give the three finalists Parker, Old Bohemia and The Cut Throat Razors the chance to battle it out LIVE for the opportunity to play Wickerman next month.

We chatted exclusively to all 3 finalists ahead of the live final at Broadcast to talk influences, live gigs and why they should come out on top . . .

Who are you?!

Old BohemiaWe are a duo known as Old Bohemia, made up of Marie Laveau’s voice and Otis Ebehardt’s guitar and have recently began playing after reclusively writing for two years. 

ParkerParker are Eddie Cairns (Vocals), David Bartkus (Guitar), Craig McCord (Guitar), James Lynch (Bass) & John Rankin (Drums). We have been together for a short time in the grand scheme of things. However, in that short time we have managed to collect fantastic a group of people who enjoy what we do and support us at our shows without fail. Our debut gig was at King Tuts. We have played the main stage at the O2 Academy, The Hard Rock Café in Edinburgh and Glasgow. On top of these highlights, this June we have been invited to perform at the opening festival for the Tour De France.

The Cut Throat RazorsWe’re a ten-piece band based in Glasgow. There’s so many in the band I don’t know all their names but at least one of them is called Dave. We also have a keyboard player from Australia who at the first blink of sunshine gets his Aussie Rules Football gear on. Not pretty. And then there is the guitarist from Kinlochsomewhere. I’ve never been there, but thanks to being in this band I now know four people from there. I only have two more to meet and I’ve met everyone in the village. Everyone else is fairly normal. We released our first studio album “Dr. Gelati & The Lemon Garden” last year and a live album “Live & In Stereo” earlier this year.  The latter was recorded at our album launch in Stereo Café in Glasgow. For some tracks we were accompanied by The Cairn String Quartet. Fourteen of us on stage giving it all we can. Fantastic night.

How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard it?

Old BohemiaWe find it difficult to really describe our sound well but today a fan messaged us to say our sound was beautiful, haunting and evocative. Which is nice.

ParkerOur sound is all about vocally driven melodies backed up by anthemic guitars and with harmoniously synced bass and drums we bring a new rock edge to pop, which you don’t hear much around Scotland at the moment. We try to blend sounds of the old and new to produce our own distinct “Parker” sound. 

The Cut Throat RazorsStrangely unique or perhaps uniquely strange?  We’ve got a meaty three-piece horn section and two soulful female backing singers. We play all our own stuff but in a mixture of styles; everything from Northern Soul, ska, big band jazz, New Wave, funk and even polka.

Who/what influences you?

Old BohemiaWe are inspired by any sounds floating around the air that connects with us. Anything that lingers in our subconscious and evokes some feeling in us. One of the things we love is to try and give that feeling back to the cosmic ether and, consequently, anyone listening.

Parker : Tough question! Our aim is to write and perform music that sounds great first and foremost. As well as creating music that is upbeat, we want to have songs that could have an underlying meaning or tone that people can relate to. We use themes from everyday life, the things we experience determine what kind of song we write at that moment in time. If Parker had an iPod it would contain tracks from all sorts of artists such as Maroon 5, Train, Matchbox 20, The KillersFleetwood Mac and Del Amitri (and not just because they are playing the festival!)

The Cut Throat RazorsOur songs are about love, libation, liberation and lingerie . . . it’s all from personal experience. I love Glasgow pub culture; that humour that is one step away from tragedy and an inch away from brutality.  You also don’t have to dig deep to find a rich, red political history. Musically, it’s all very eclectic but I suppose major influences have been American and Jamaican black music from the 60s and 70s and all those great British bands that have since tried to imitate them. That’s another good thing about Glasgow; it has always had a very healthy mod/scooter scene over the years which has meant you can always go somewhere to hear great music, dress sharp and not feel out of place.

What can we expect from your Wicker Warm-Up set?

Old BohemiaA powerful cacophony of noise by two people trying to make grown men cry and dance. Maybe simultaneously! Seriously though, this festival means more to us than any other so we will be giving our all during our Wickerman Warm Up performance

ParkerIt’s been tough choosing which songs to play at the warm up show! We have an abundance of songs; however we wanted to pick the tracks that represent us as a band and what we are about. There will be “ooo’s”, there will be “woahhs!”On top of that, plenty of energy and places for folk to sing along, that’s for sure!

The Cut Throat Razors : Upbeat catchy tunes that will make you want to throw your knickers in the air and shout “FREEDOM!!!!”.

Why should you win the chance to play Wickerman?

Old BohemiaWe would love to play it because it would give us a sort of resolute ending to the first page of our story; its something of a spiritual home for us. Marie and I met for the first time at 2010 Wickerman, on the grounds of the artist camping, where I played with my high school band and Marie starred on the acoustic stage. We fell in love and came back the following year to play together on the acoustic stage as a duo in the fantastic acoustic village. To us, being able to find the exact spot where we first met is amazing and something with deep sentimental meaning.

Parker :  We should play the Wickerman Festival because we are something different. There aren’t a lot of bands like us in Scotland just now. It’s a great platform to gain new listeners, meet up with other up and coming bands as well as watch and enjoy all the fantastic established acts at the festival this year.

The Cut Throat Razors : ‘Cos we’re so hot we’ll set The Wickerman on fire, man . . .

The Wicker Warm-Up is on Thursday 26th June 2014 from 8pm at Broadcast (Sauchiehall Street). Tickets are £7.