As The Wickerman Festival 2014 kicks off in Dumfries & Galloway today, we speak exclusively to The Cut Throat Razors; the band fought off stiff competition from Parker and Old Bohemia and won The Sunday Herald Unsigned Bands competition last month in Glasgow and will play the festival this weekend.

Vocalist, Scott Crawford gives us the skinny on what to expect from their Wickerman set, who he is excited to see play live this weekend and how to survive Scottish sunstroke (yes, it IS possible!) . . .

You won! How did you feel when you were announced as The Sunday Herald winner?

Yeah. Fantastic feeling. It was a great night; we played well; good bands; and the crowd were brilliant. Basically, when it was announced we hit the ceiling and haven’t come down since.

Do you have any special plans for your Wickerman set? What can we expect?

I have. Whether the rest of the band allow me to implement them is doubtful, however. My latest gallus idea was met with a mixture of bemusement and real concern. Regardless of the detail and gloss, everyone can expect 30 minutes of thumping original tunes that will be going around your head for the rest of the week.

What do you hope your Wickerman slot will achieve for The Cut Throat Razors?

It’s a big deal for us and we’re hoping it takes us to the next level. Already I think we’ve upped our performance, we’re flying at the moment, so it would nice if it was reflected in bigger gigs and more festivals. We also have loads more new songs so we would like to get back into the studio and record another album. I sold my beloved collection of original ska and reggae records to pay for the first one, “Dr. Gelati & The Lemon Garden” and not sure I’ve got enough good ones left to fund the next. So, if there are any philanthropists out there who have the same attitude to money as I have to bum notes (i.e. give them away freely and frequently) then get in touch!

Are you hoping to catch anyone else play live this weekend? Any favourites on the bill?

I love Motown and Northern Soul so I really want to see Martha Reeves & The Vandellas and my mate plays in the wonderful band, Berry Tweed And The Chasers. Lee Thompson’s Ska Orchestra are brilliant and he was the guy (sax player, lyric writer and overall lunatic in Madness) that inspired me to get into writing and performing songs in the first place. There are so many bands playing that the most exciting thing is the anticipation of coming across something new and mindblowing. It’s going to be fantastic!

What are your top tips for surviving a festival for our first-timers out there?!

1. Take plenty of drugs. Remember you are miles away from any health care. What happens if you take a really bad migraine? Or really bad toothache? It happened to me once – an abscess. Agony. Lip swelled up so much it looked as if I was smuggling a melon in my mouth. 2. Take plenty of drink. The wilds of Dumfries & Galloway in the summer heat can be pretty unforgiving so make sure you get those liquids in you. 3. Take precautions. Sunstroke and sunburn are rare in Scotland but nasty all the same. Don’t risk it. I would suggest a high factor suncream or if you find them expensive a good white emulsion. Use a good water based paint because if you go for solvent based one you’ll shimmer.Conversely, it could pish down. Water in the brain, hypothermia and Trench Foot are in endemic to parts of Scotland. So parkas, snorkels and wellies are both practical and fashionable. Although expensive, chest waders are worth considering as they can double up as incontinence pants. Do you really want to leave the mosh pit after the third song of your favourite band just to relieve yourself? 4. Lastly . . . gaunae no’ play loud music at unsociable times anywhere near me. I get crabbit on lack of sleep. Strictly adhere to the 10.30pm curfew and you should be alright.

What is after Wickerman for The Cut Throat Razors? Where can we catch you live next?

We’re headlining Oxjam Presents . . . fundraising event at Nice ‘N’ Sleazy’s on the 8th August. Then, we’re supporting the Junkman’s Choir at King Tuts on the 5th September. Finally, in terms of confirmed gigs, we are supporting the mighty Stone Foundation at Classic Grand on the 26th September. They’re really making it big on the soul scene and beyond. It’s their only Scottish show of their hugely successful UK and European Tour so it promises to be a cracker! All in all, three great gigs so get your tickets quick!

The Cut Throat Razors play Wickerman Main Stage tomorrow.