If you haven’t seen videos of celebrities taking on The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, where have you been?!

Over the past month, both celebrities and mere mortals have had buckets of ice cold water thrown over them, captured the moment on camera and nominated (or should that be dared) two other people to do the same. Why?

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge isn’t simply about finding out what swimming in Antartica would feel like, but its to promote and donate to a very worthy cause; ALS stands for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: a motor neurone disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. The American-based association has already raised over $4 million thanks to this online craze.

The usually sombre and serious looking, Robert Pattinson is one of the latest celebrities to undertake The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Nominated by fellow actor, Zac Efron, Pattinson improvised with a pot and a hose (and a few friends) when a bucket wasn’t available.

Californian beach babe, Katy Perry accepted The ASL Ice Bucket Challenge clad in a skimpy (yet suitable) black bikini. The “I Kissed A Girl” singer then nominated Queen Of Pop, Madonna.

The X Factor mogul, Simon Cowell took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in style, aboard a stunning yacht. Mr Nasty giggled as he nominated fellow X Factor judges, Louis Walsh, Cheryl Cole and former Spice Girl, Mel B before his girlfriend, Lauren Silverman dumped a bucket of ice water over him.

Model, Cara Delevingne showed no fear as she undertook The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge yelling, “The ALS Challenge motherf*ckers! Douse me!” to two giggling female pals . . . before shrieking like a typical girl, “Holy shit!”.

It seems no-one is safe after former US President, George W Bush was nominated by his daughter, Jenna, among others. Bush initially rejected the challenge calling it “unpresidential for him to be splashed with ice water” and said he would, instead, right a cheque . . . before Mrs Bush did what so many of us would love to! A soggy George W Bush then nominated fellow former President, Bill Cilnton.

Facebook owner, Mark Zuckerberg may have created the greatest social network for making new friends ever, but he appears to have very few pals in his Ice Bucket Challenge video as he tips a bucket of water over himself, before stating the fairly obvious, “That was really cold”.

Sarah Jessica Parker shrieked like Carrie Bradshaw in a half-price Manolo Blahnik shoe sale when she took on The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Dressed in just a towel, the Sex & The City actress nominated Joan Rivers and Kim Kardashian.

Former Manchester United footballer, David Beckham underwent The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Topless. Not that we’re complaining, eh girls? His nominations included Leonardo DiCaprio.

Actor, Charlie Sheen did The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge as only Charlie Sheen could do it; he dumped $10, 000 over his head rather than ice water. He pledged to donate the cash to The ALS Foundation as “ice is gonna melt, but this money will actually help”.

By far the best Ice Bucket Challenge to date! Foo Fighters paid tribute to a classic horror movie resulting in one of the funniest and creative Ice Bucket Challenges, so far. The stakes have well and truly been raised; frontman, Dave Grohl nominated Jack Black, Stephen King and John Travolta.