New Releases

Before I Go To Sleep

Starring Nicole Kidman and directed by British screenwriter Rowan Joffé, this psychological thriller is set to be a hit. Based on the 2011 novel of the same name, the film depicts life through the eyes of 47 year old Christine (Kidman), who after a car crash, loses her memory and has to rely on her husband (played by Colin Firth) and Doctor (Mark Strong) to help her fill in the blanks, but Christine soon finds herself questioning everything and everyone around her . . .

The Hundred Foot Journey

This American comedy-drama stars Dame Helen Mirren and Om Puri as two rival restaurant owners in a French village. Sabotage, conflict and hilarity are bound together in this “this town ain’t big enough for the both of us” tasty tale.

Sex Tape

Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel play a married couple who, after a decade of marriage and two kids, find their sex-life has dwindled from non-stop to non-existent. In a bid to salvage their relationship, they try to recapture the magic with a private video, VERY private . . . Unfortunately for them, their intimate bedroom antics don’t stay secret for long! Cue a mad dash to stop their private affairs becoming extremely public!

Catch A Classic

American Graffiti @ The Grosvenor

This special screening of this Academy Award nominated classic takes place on Thursday 11th September. A must-see for movie fans, this coming of age film is packed with a stellar cast including Harrison Ford and Ron Howard, and has been dubbed as one of director George Lucas’ best. With a distinctive soundtrack featuring the most memorable rock ‘n’ roll classics of the era, American Graffiti comes in the form of a flashback to the early 1960s.

The Craft @ The GFT

The Mean Girls of the 1990s with less lipgloss and more candles. The Craft stars Robin Tunney, Skeet Ulrich and Fairuza Balk in a twisted tale of spells, black magic and what can go really wrong when egos run riot in a group of girlfriends. The Craft plays on Tuesday 9th September.

Movie News

DC’s forthcoming film adaptation of Shazam has been shrouded by speculation as to who will play the part of the villain, Black Adam. Finally, this week it was confirmed by Dwayne Johnson that he will be take on the role that he had once described as his favourite comic book character. The release date for the film has yet to be disclosed, but expect more details very soon.