New Releases

A Most Wanted Man

This espionage-thriller takes to the silver screen this week and is directed by Anton Corbijn. While many may not be familiar with the Dutch director (his notable works include directing 2007’s “Control” and shooting the album sleeve of U2’s “The Joshua Tree”), the cast of “A Wanted Man” features some of Hollywood’s greatest; including Philip Seymour Hoffman in his last acting role before his death in February of this year. Hoffman stars as Gunther Bachmann, an espionage agent heading up a team obtaining intelligence to track down a dangerous terrorist. Movie-goers will undoubtedly lose themselves in this clever and gripping adaptation of John le Carre’s 2008 novel. “A Most Wanted Man” is certainly worth a watch, if not only for Hoffman’s commanding final performance.


Winner of The Cannes Film Festival’s “Queer Palm” Award, “Pride”is based on a true story and centres on a group of LGBT activists during the UK miners’ strike of 1984. Joining forces with the disgruntled workers on strike, the groups’ unlikely alliance is both heart-warming and unexpected; perhaps due to Matthew Warchus’ theatre directing background, this film is uplifting and energetic despite being set in a very bleak time.

Catch A Classic

Sleeping Beauty @ The GFT (Saturday 13th September, 11.30am)

Feed your love for Disney and their tales of beautiful princesses and happy endings this Saturday when the original animated version of “Sleeping Beauty” will be screened in all its magical glory. Whether you’ll be watching golden-haired Aurora, one of Disney’s original and favourite princesses, with a little one or simply to relive your childhood, Disney on the big screen is always special!

Movie News

If the news that there is set to be a sequel to Seth MacFarlane’s “Ted” wasn’t exciting enough, confirmation that Morgan Freeman will join the cast certainly makes the film even more worth waiting for! Adding an element to solemnity to the comedy, Freeman will play the role of a civil rights lawyer, in keeping with his repertoire of important and influential characters.