It’s hard to believe, but it’s been 20 YEARS since we became Friends with Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler and Joey as the hit TV series celebrates its 20th Anniversary this week. It made us laugh, cry and “OMG!” over and over again during its 1994-2004 run, and its concurrent re-runs on TV today prove just how popular the series is, despite being concluding for good 10 YEARS ago! Join us as we look back at some of our favourite Friends memories . . .

The One With The Prom Video

Like Ross, we were all disappointed that it looked as though he and Rachel were never going to happen. When she makes it quite clear that they are not going to start a relationship and that he needs to ‘accept that’, we feel our hearts sink a little bit with his. However, this episode is a stand out because it is when we and Rachel see how much Ross truly cares for her. As he stands by the door, embarrassed as Monica shows the group their prom video, we see one of the most heart-warming moments of the second season (and the whole series). Freshman Ross, clad in a tux, with flowers in hand for Rachel watches dismally as she heads out the door with her date. Cue a passionate Ross-Rachel kiss as Phoebe exclaims that ‘she’s his lobster’.

The One With Ross’s Tan

This is undoubtedly one of the funniest and most memorable episodes of the entire series. Monica’s spray tan encourages Ross decide to try it out for himself; however, despite being the most intelligent of the group he manages to mess up the simple process (of counting to 5) and comes away with two tans on his front. As an attempt to fix the mistake, Ross has another try at the spray tan and hilariously ends up with only his front sprayed again. ‘I’m an eight?!’ becomes one of the most quoted lines of the series. Meanwhile, Monica and Phoebe grudgingly entertain an old neighbour, Amanda (played perfectly by Jennifer Coolidge, known to us all as Stifler’s Mom in “American Pie”), who has picked up a fake English accent and (obliviously) comes complete with backhanded, bitchy comments. ‘Wow my flat is twice this size!’

The Last One

No true Friends fan can watch the final episode without tearing up- a few times. The ‘I got off the plane’ moment cements the wonderful inevitability that Ross and Rachel would always end up together, and is often quoted as the defining moment of The Last One. However, there are many other tear-jerkers in the finale. When Monica and Chandler wait anxiously but excitedly in the delivery room, minutes away from becoming parents, it is revealed that surrogate Mum, Erica is actually giving birth to twins, we are almost as shocked as them! Chandler’s reaction of freaking out and panicking is coated in humour, but Monica’s reply is what sets us off. ‘We are taking them home because they are our children’ shows that she is more than ready to be a mother and the fact that the couple are finally getting their babies after a long, agonising wait is a perfect end to their story.

*By Abbey Fleming

The One Where Ross Got High

Friends never let us down with Thanksgiving episodes mixing holidays with humour, and this one was no exception. The usually uptight Monica loosens a little and allows Rachel to prepare dessert, with hysterical results. Thanks to the pages of a cookbook sticking together, Rachel puts an unusual spin on pudding . . . Trfile with a layer of beef satayed with peas and onions. Why not? This episode also includes the most hilarious lightning round of confessions EVER! 

The One Where Rachel Has A Baby

An overdue and uncomfortable, Rachel goes into labour with daughter, Emma in the finale of Season 8. The episode sparks a hysterical chain of events from an overbearing couple keen to “share” the miracle of birth with Ross and Rachel, Chandler’s infamous and irritating ex, Janice in labour, “contracting and everything” and Rachel’s frustration at how slow the process of labour can be; Rachel : “How many centimetres am I dilated? 8? 9?”, Doctor :”Three” Ross “Just three? I’M dilated three!” The labour scene is priceless; who wouldn’t want to head-butt the father when you’re trying to push a person out of the holiest of holys? Ever the style icon though, Rachel has her feet in stirrups sporting a toe ring.

The One With The Blackout

“I’m taaapped, i a ATeh vistabulle, with Jiw Goodagah!”

When a blackout plunges NYC into darkness, the Friends gather at Monica’s while Chandler’s stuck in a bank with supermodel, Jill Goodacre, constantly fretting (in typical Chandler fashion) how to talk to her. He manages to creep her out, choke on gum, and coin the phrase “perfection” as an appropriate chat-up line for non-gays everywhere, “What the hell was that? If Jill Goodacre offers you gum, you take it. If she offers you mangled animal carcass, you take it.”

*By Laura Maxwell

The One With Unagi

Mr Know It All, Ross can’t resist poking fun at Rachel and Phoebe taking up a self-defence class telling them that total self-awareness or “unagi” is the only way to properly defend themselves. Determined to prove his point, Ross jumps out in the hallway outside Monica’s apartment on an unsuspecting Rachel and Phoebe, only for the girls to get their revenge in one of the funniest Friends moments of the entire 10-year series. David Schwimmer could land a part in a B-movie horror with a girlish scream like that, “Ahhhh, salmon skin roll”.

The One With Ross’ Wedding

If shooting on location in London and boasting a whole host of special guests, including Sir Richard Brandon, Duchess Of York, Sarah Ferguson (“That’s Fergie, Baby!”), Jennifer Saunders and Stephen Rhea, Ross and Emily’s wedding provided some unforgettable Friends moments. Undoubtedly, the episode is remembered (and loved) for the cliffhanger finale of Ross saying “I take thee, Rachel . . .” however, for me, the jaw-dropping, OMG-moment was thanks to Monica and Chandler’s unexpected hook-up, “Do you think he knew I was here?!”

The One Where Monica And Richard Are Friends

Rachel and Joey deciding to swap literature provided one of my absolute favourite Friends moments; Joey reads “Little Women” while Rachel takes on Stephen King’s, “The Shining” and a conversation about how much each is enjoying their chosen book quickly escalates and reveals some very upsetting spoilers!

The One Where Ross Finds Out

Friends just wouldn’t have been Friends without Ross and Rachel’s on and off relationship; the will-they? won’t they? kept us glued to our screens for a decade. However, it was the early days of Friends that spawned one of my favourite Ross ‘n’ Rach moments; an oblivious Rachel discovered (thanks to a slip-up from Chandler) that Ross is in love with her during the final episode of the first season. After much soul-searching, she decides to go for it with Ross, only for him to return from a trip to China with new girlfriend, Julie in tow; Rachel wrestles with jealousy throughout Season 2 providing some comedy-gold moments that every girl can relate to! However, a drunken Rachel decides to get “closure” and leaves a message for Ross on his answering machine, resulting in a hilarious reaction from a stunned Ross and one of the best quotes of the entire series, “You’re over me? When where you . . . under me?”

*By Siobhanne Beattie