On the grand scale of bold openings, confetti showers during the first song is definitely up there. Due to some impressive stealth reactions, my lukewarm Tuborg thankfully goes untainted. Azealia has gotten her shit together in the live setting, if post “212” tours felt knee jerk and rough around the edges, this is the exact opposite; tight, co-ordinated and far more confident and interactive. Perhaps, at this current stage of development the label drop could be the best thing. She mingles material from possibly the most long awaited debut LP of all time between songs from the Fantasia mixtape and earlier.

“Heavy Metal And Reflective” begins acapella and is even given the Jay-Z and Kanye false start treatment. Azealia even “Here we fucking go”s with the best of them in the build up the second time around. The chemistry between artist and DJ is clear, although the set is well rehearsed, it’s not regimented so as to allow it breath and personality. A tweet before the show announced that there would be two newer songs and after both she asks vulnerably, “Do you guys like em?” The first new song is “Wallace”, a song about “a n***a who don’t know shit” and “Chasing Time”, the radio friendly unit shifter the label asked for;  a half-time groover with more focus on melody than flow. It’s typical in that the area of comfort is oddly the bottom half of her vocal range but different enough to shake up the set. “Chasing Time” also offers something fresher, a Top 10 Single by no standards, but intentionally poppier than usual.

In contrast “Yung Rapunxel” is heavy and distorted as all hell, helped furthermore by the use of a megaphone as she belts a noise ill-fitting of such a slender frame all of five feet. “1991” and “212” do what they are supposed to do and the place moves. “Esta Noche” is all sex, soul and swag. Helping to close the set in true fashion, sexual freedom and expression are paramount in the Azealia Banks mission statement. The message is love who you want and love well. Her followers (The Kunt Brigade) include a good portion of same sex couples with a strong showing also this evening. With everything said she’s far likely to liberate ya than Robin Thicke is. That’s for sure.