On Thursday night, Glasgow was treated to a night of edgy rock from Heavens Basement, Nothing More and headliners, The Pretty Reckless, fronted by former child star-turned-wild child, Taylor Momsen.

Texan quartet, Nothing More expertly warmed up the audience with tracks,“Christ Copyright”, “Mr MTV” and “First Punch” all getting an airing. During their set, the Americans also mounted their bass guitar onto a stand and proceeded to have three members simultaneously playing. Following the memorable bass solo during the last song “Salem”, all four members of the band participated in a drum solo, before thanking the crowd and leaving the stage.

Heavens Basement were next to take to the stage and played an incredible eight strong-song set, all of which came from their debut studio album “Filthy Empire” which was released in February 2013. The audience were in full voice, with tracks, “Fire, Fire”, “Nothing Left To Lose” and “Executioner’s Day” bring particularly well-received.

Soon it was time for headliners, The Pretty Reckless to take their centre-stage spot, opening with “Follow Me Down”, whipping their crowd into a frenzy, before “Since You’re Gone” and “Sweet Things”. The four-piece from New York then performed “Miss Nothing” and latest single, “House On A Hill”, which fuelled the already sweaty frenzy. The Cherie Currie-inspired, Momsen chatted with fans in-between tracks, expressing how thrilled they were to be back on tour in the UK, before the band returned to where it all began with signature hit, “Make Me Wanna Die”, which appeared on the band’s 2010 debut, “Light Me Up”.

Momsen confided in the crowd that, “Heaven Knows” was written for audience participation and encouraged the fans to get involved, before playing, “Going To Hell”, the title track from their second LP, released in March.

The band were coaxed onto the stage for an encore by fans chanting for “one more song!” and launched into, “F’d Up World” which, halfway-through, saw drummer, Jamie Perkins get the stage to himself to showcase his talents with a 5 minute drum solo, before being rejoined by the rest of the band to close their Glasgow stint.