New Releases

Horrible Bosses 2

Nick (Jason Bateman), Dale (Charlie Day) and Kurt (Jason Sudekis) return in the sequel to the hilarious 2009 original about three average joes who hate their bosses . . . we’ve all been there, right? The second instalment see the trio decide to go into business together, only to be fleeced by shady investor, Bert Hanson (played by Christopher Waltz). Our trio of unlikely heroes head out for revenge on Hanson, by kidnapping his playboy son, Rex (played by Chris Pine) and then their troubles REALLY begin! Kevin Spacey returns as arrogant boss, Dave Harken, while Jennifer Aniston reprises her role as nympho-Dentist, Julia Harris and Jamie Foxx is back as Dean “MF” Jones.


Kiddie’s favourite, Paddington Bear makes the transition from page to silver screen this weekend. Based on the best-selling books, Paddington (voiced by Ben Whishaw) swaps the jungle of Peru for the city of London in this big-screen adventure where he is taken into the home and hearts of Mr and Mrs Brown (played by Hugh Bonneville and Sally Hawkins) and their children. Warm, fuzzy (bear) fun for the whole family this festive season! Also starring Jim Broadbent, Julie Walters, Peter Capaldi and Nicole Kidman.

Catch A Classic

E.T (The Extra-Terrestrial) @ The GFT, Saturday 29th November, 11.30am

Steven Spielberg’s family classic gets an airing this weekend at The Glasgow Film Theatre. The 1982 movie tells the heart-warming tale of an unlikely friendship between lonely kid, Elliot and extra-terrestrial, E.T, who was accidently stranded on Earth; with the help of his older brother, Michael and adorable little sister, Gertie (played by a 6 year old, Drew Barrymore), Elliot hides E.T at home from his mother and the Government Officials trying to track him and helps him contact home, “E.T. Phone. Home” If you don’t cry when E.T makes Elliot’s bike fly, you’re dead inside . . .

Movie News

Fans of the Jurassic Park franchise got a little taster of what to expect next year when, “Jurassic World” hits cinemas in June 2015 when the official trailer for the upcoming movie was unveiled earlier this week. The movie is the fourth instalment of the series and stars Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard and Vincent D’Onofrio and sees Isla Nubar officially opened as a fully-functioning dinosaur theme park, initially envisioned by John Hammond (Sir Richard Attenborough) in the 1993 original movie. However, it seems the on-site staff have learned nothing from the events of Jurassic Park over 20 years ago when the research team accidently unleash a genetically-modified, dinosaur hybrid into the park . . .