When I mentioned who I was seeing at King Tut’s last week, the reaction was always the same;“Huh?” “That’s not my name! *clapclap* That’s not my name! *clapclap* “Oh yeah, I remember them!” 

Since that hit and the lesser known, “Shut Up and Let Me Go” in May 2008, their heavy cockney accent and simple rhythm has generally faded from the limelight. Since those days of never entering a store without hearing her angry declaration, Katie White and Jules De Martino have released two more albums. their latest, “Super Critical”, is the focus of their current tour through Britain, America and even as far as Tokyo.

The duo surprised their old fans with a new sound stepping away from the electric punk-pop expected in the late Noughties. A thudding bass drum was replaced by a funky beat reminiscent of 70’s Motown disco, and the indignant yelling was tamed to a soulful lull, but never lost what The Ting Tings do best: that just-gotta-dance feeling. This is especially shown in their new single, “Do It Again”, which doesn’t so much take me back to high school discos, but Beyoncé’s afro in “Goldmember”One thing that hasn’t changed in six years is the attitude. Don’t ask Katie White to whine about lonely nights or doing anything in the name of love. Her lyrics don’t allow such frivolous matters to take centre stage and often send a manicured fist into the air, “Super critical girl, taking over the world. Super critical world, taking over this girl”

The disco theme didn’t disappoint and had everyone throwing shapes, causing a fun work out just in time for the holidays. Despite their dramatic funky change though, after the worn-out dancers spilled back onto the streets, I couldn’t help but hear a few chants of “That’s not my name”. Legends never die; you can’t go wrong with catchy, repetitive pop.