Meet Brit Floyd, the “world’s greatest Pink Floyd tribute show”. A band which pays homage to one of the most influential rock bands of all time with a spectacular show that captures both the audio and visual appeal of the psychedelic sound and style of Pink Floyd.

We spoke exclusively to vocalist/guitarist and music director of Brit Floyd, Damien Darlington ahead of the band’s show at Glasgow’s Clyde Auditorium this week about the origins of Brit Floyd, what to expect from their “Discovery Tour” and the appeal of paying tribute to Pink Floyd . . .

Who are Brit Floyd?

Brit Floyd is a Pink Floyd tribute show, “the world’s greatest Pink Floyd tribute show”. It consists of a 9 piece band of musicians with various backgrounds in touring with other Pink Floyd shows or other international touring artists. Brit Floyd features a large production consisting of a large light show, specially produced video projected onto the trademark Pink Floyd circular screen, lasers and inflatables, all the ingredients of a genuine recreation of a Pink Floyd concert experience.

How did Brit Floyd originally come together?

Having played in The Australian Pink Floyd Show for some 17 years, I decided in 2010 that it was time to strike out and start a new Pink Floyd show and that’s when Brit Floyd was launched. A number of the other musicians in Brit Floyd also had experience touring with Aussie Floyd.

Of all the bands to play tribute to, why Pink Floyd?

Pink Floyd are one of the most influential bands in rock music history with a remarkable catalogue of albums, a huge influence on the way modern concerts are staged, millions of fans just about everywhere in the world and they produced wonderful music that most rock musicians would love the opportunity to play. Their music is just as relevant today as it was in the 60’s through to the 90’s and now into the current decade with the release of  “Endless River”. I think all of the above are pretty good reasons for “Why Pink Floyd?”

Is your tribute to the band a straight-forward copy of the original or your personal interpretation?

On the whole we try to recreate the original album versions of tracks, but some of our arrangements are combinations of live versions, or David Gilmour/Roger Waters versions too. There also a little room in there to put our stamp on things, our own musical personalities. I think that helps to make us gel as real band, rather than a group of musicians just reciting someone else’s music.

What can we expect from the current tour?

The current tour is called “The Discovery Tour”, which is named after one of Pink Floyd’s recent box set releases which featured all 14 of Pink Floyd’s studio albums from “Piper At The Gates Of Dawn” through to “The Division Bell”. So, we’re trying to represent all eras of Pink Floyd music as best we can within a 2 and a half hour show. We’ve also added yet more lights and lasers and new video to the show this year.

Pink Floyd have said that latest album, “Endless River” will be their last, but what is the future for Brit Floyd?

Whether this really is the last album that Pink Floyd release or not, I don’t think it will change the lasting appeal of their music and there will continue to be just as much of a demand to experience this wonderful music in a live concert setting. I think the future of Brit Floyd will be to continue touring around the world for some years to come and we’ll continue doing our very best to improve and perfect what we do.

Brit Floyd will be LIVE at Glasgow’s Clyde Auditorium on Wednesday 3rd December 2014.