Christmas isn’t really Christmas until The Killers unveil their annual festive single now, is it? 

Joel, The Lump Of Coal” is their 2014 attempt at bringing the Christmas cheer, with all proceeds going to to the (RED) Campaign, set up by Bono and Bobby Shriver. The track was co-written and features American chat-show host and pal, Jimmy Kimmel.

The Las Vegas outfit have been releasing a Christmas single via iTunes since 2006; we take a look back at The Killers Christmas Crackers . . . . and a couple of turkeys!

8. “Joseph, Better You Than Me” (Featuring Elton John & Neil Tennant)

Brandon Flowers and Co recruited the help of Sir Elton John and Pet Shop Boy, Neil Tennant in 2008 for their annual festive stint. Swapping Santa and mistletoe for the true meaning of Christmas (by religious standards, at least), The Killers looked at the trials and tribulations of Joseph, the mortal father of Jesus Christ. Slightly sombre and serious for the Christmas season, but Flowers later said of working with Tennant and John, “It was great to work with two real professionals. I would love to work with them again”.

7. “Christmas In LA” (Feat Dawes)

“Christmas In LA” marked the band’s 8th consecutive Christmas release last December. The track was written by Flowers, bassist, Mark Stoermer and Taylor Goldsmith of American folk/rock band, Dawes with a song-writing credit going to Irving Berlin due to the inclusion of lyrics from “White Christmas”. The promo for the single features actor, Owen Wilson as a struggling actor in Hollywood. A little more Christmas doom, than cheer.

6. “Happy Birthday Guadalupe!”

Only The Killers could turn “Happy Birthday” into “Merry Christmas”! The single was their 2009 Christmas single and the promo featured actor, Luke Perry as a cowboy searching the desert for his long-lost love, Guadalupe. Swapping tinsel and trimmings for cowboys and indians may not be the ingredients of a traditional Christmas Carol, but the mariachi band certainly brings the cheer!

5. “I Feel It In My Bones” (Featuring Ryan Pardey)

Grenades, machetes and a vengeful Santa Claus . . . No, really, this IS a Christmas single! 2012 saw Ryan Pardey reprise his role as Santa (he originally appeared as Old St Nick in 2007’s “Don’t Shoot Me Santa”) The video shows Santa Claus hunting down The Killers due to them being on his “Naughty List”; no sign of snowmen, tinsel or Christmas trees, but with Brandon Flowers topless under his leather jacket, it’s safe to assume this one was an early Crimbo pressie for the girls . . .

4. “The Cowboy’s Christmas Ball”

2011 saw The Killers keeping with their unorthodox Christmas tradition with “The Cowboy’s Christmas Ball”. The Killers turn cowboys in this jingle-friendly tune which shows how the West was really won . . . with a little help from robot-like aliens, of course! Flowers has since said it is his children’s favourite Killers Christmas song.

3. “Boots”

If you’re looking for Christmas sentiment, then this one’s for you! The promo features real-life, New York street performer, Brad Prowly aka Super Bad Brad as a homeless man who sings on the streets of Las Vegas in order to raise money to return home to his wife and kids. Mix that with Flowers’ heartwarming lyrics of cinnamon candles, childhood memories of his mother in the kitchen and his father watching TV and references to the 1946 Christmas classic, “It’s A Wonderful Life”, starring James Stewart and you have a warm, fuzzy Crimbo glow.

2. “A Great Big Sled” (Featuring Toni Halliday)

The Killers first attempt at a Christmas single was undoubtedly one of their best! Recorded in London in November 2006, the promo features the band and their touring crew in candid Christmas spirit . . . complete with Rayban sunglasses, of course! Toni Halliday, former lead vocalist of alt-rock and electronic duo, Curve guests on backing vocals.

1. “Don’t Shoot Me Santa”

There is no question that many of The Killers “Victims” would love to find a naughty Brandon Flowers in their stocking on Christmas Day which puts this, the band’s 2007 Christmas single, in at the top! The hilarious promo for the unconventional Crimbo cracker was filmed in the Mojave Desert in Nevada and sees Flowers tied to a chair with tinsel at the hands of a vengeful Santa Claus (“a bullet in your what?!”); Flowers tries, in vain, to makes excuses for past “naughty” behaviour, but St Nick is determined to make him pay! Again, not the traditional trimmings you would expect from a Christmas track, but Brandon Flowers tied up, anyone?!