Despite only being a part of the music scene for a few years, Neck Deep brought Glasgow gig-goers together on Saturday night with their “Intercontinental Championships Tour”. The British-based band played alongside Trophy Eyes from Newcastle, Australia; Seaway from Oakville, Canada and finally, American band, Knuckle Puck who travelled over from Chicago.

With a night that was jam-packed full of refreshing, enthusiastic music; the trio of support acts all striving to ensure that their first tour of the UK would go off with a bang, putting everything into their performances. The second the first act took to the stage the crowd were already humming with anticipation. By the time Knuckle Puck left the stage, the hundreds of fans packed into the venue had warmed up their singing voices and over-rehearsed the classic mosh pit of a traditional rock show.

“Losing Teeth” was the first track to be played when the Welsh five-piece, Neck Deep took to the stage, followed by “Tables Turned”; the crowd scurried across The Garage in a bid to get a better view of the band. “Damsels In Distress”, “Crushing Grief (No Remedy)” and “Sweet Nothings” shaped the set. Whilst talking in between tracks, bass player, Fil Thrope-Evans mentioned that the Glasgow show had been his favourite on the tour so far, which whipped the crowd into a frenzy fuelling the remainder of the band’s set.

The band played almost all of the songs featured on their debut studio album “Wishful Thinking” with “Zoltar Speaks” and “Growing Pains” both getting an excellent reception. During their set, frontman, Ben Barlow spurred on the crowd to keep their adrenaline-charged antics going and punters didn’t disappoint. However, everybody simmered down for “A Part of Me” where mosh pits and crowd surfing were swapped for the light of mobile phones and lighters. Returning to the liveliness, “Staircase Wit” and “Kick It” blared through the venue, before the gig came to a close with punters yelling the lyrics to, What Did You Expect?”.

As ever, this wasn’t enough for the Glasgow fans, as the traditional chant of “One More Song!” kicked in as soon as the band bowed out. Their wish was granted when Barlow returned centre-stage to perform, “Candour”. The zesty live set is no doubt just the beginning of Neck Deep’s gigging courtship with the city.