New Releases

The Wedding Ringer

Loveable geek, Doug Harris (played by Josh Gad) is marrying his gorgeous girlfriend, Gretchen Palmer (Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting) only problem is, his lack of friends means he has no best man and no groomsmen. Cue funnyman, Kevin Hart as Jimmy Callahan, the slick CEO of Best Man Inc; a company designed to help guys in Doug’s predicament. With Jimmy’s help (and band of mifits), Doug has to pass off complete strangers as lifelong friends in just one week! An outrageous comedy in the vein of “The Hangover” and “Bridesmaids”.

Project Almanac

A group of teenagers travel back in time in this sci-fi thriller with shocking consequences. David (Jonny Weston) makes a disturbing discovery when watching an old home movie of his 7th birthday party, and soon rallies his friends to help him uncover the mystery. The group initially have fun zipping back and forth in time to beat bullies, correct mistakes and win the lottery, but the tinkering with time comes at a very heavy price. 


Director, Michael Mann’s edgy, hi-tech thriller stars Chris Hemsworth as Nicholas Hathaway, an MIT-educated coding genius and the only person with the skills to crack a cyber-crime network which has attacked four of the world’s major banks. However, Hannaway is serving a 15 year jail sentence for his own deviant hacking activities, but offers to apprehend and locate the cyber criminals in exchange for his sentence being commuted. However, it soon becomes clear to Hannaway that because the hackers are not motivated by money or politics, the risk is much greater than he first realised . . .


She may have been snubbed in the Oscar nominations, but Jennifer Aniston gives the performance of her career in this powerful drama of love, loss and pain. Claire Simmons (Aniston) is a hard woman to like, never mind love; she is embittered with her life after surviving a car accident which killed her child and left her in chronic pain. She has driven away her husband and friends, and even alienated the fellow member of her chronic pain support group, thanks to her sarcastic, insensitive response to member, Nina’s (Anna Kendrick) recent suicide. Claire becomes fascinated with Nina after having visions of her in dreams and drug-fuelled hallucinations and sets out to befriend her grieving husband (Sam Worthington) and son, with unexpected consequences.

Special Screenings

Casablanca @ The GFT, Saturday 21st February 2015 @ 10.30am

The 1942 classic starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman gets an airing this weekend at The GFT. Hopeless romantic, Rick (Bogart) is trying to pick up the pieces of his broken heart in Morocco where he has taken refuge and is running a bar. Then, out of all the gin joints in all the world, Lisa (Bergman) walks into his . . . Part of The Ingrid Bergman Season at The Glasgow Film Theatre.

The Bells Of St Mary’s : The GFT, Tuesday 24th-Saturday 28th February 2015

Ingrid Bergman and Bing Crosby star in this Oscar-winning sequel to Going My Way. Father O’Malley (Crosby) is dispatched to work his magic on a school in dire need of repair and is soon winning hearts and minds, but clashing with Sister Benedict (Bergman) on how to best improve the lives of the children. Part of The Ingrid Bergman Season at The Glasgow Film Theatre.