The Barrowland Ballroom spewed chaos on Saturday night when Enter Shikari brought their “Mindsweep Tour” to a sold out Glasgow.

First to take to the legendary stage were home-town talent, Fatherson, who wasted no time in warming up the crowd. The band’s laid-back, indie sound was ideal for welcoming in punters, and they were humble enough to include a quick “Thank You” to fans who had bought their debut LP, “I Am An Island” or come out to see them play live in and around the city in their short, but sweet set.

Yorkshire’s allusondrugs followed. The venue gave the band’s unique grunge sound their seal of approval; the loud, heavy guitar riffs kept the crowd on their toes, and hungry for more. Before departing the stage, Singer, Jason Moules expressed his love of Scottish soda, Irn Bru, which provoked a wave of cheers and laughter from fans.

Third, and final, support band, Feed The Rhino were up next; the crowd were noticeably more enthusiastic over this band, especially when opening track, “Behind The Pride” kicked in, much to the crowd’s moshing delight! Frontman, Lee Tobin had punters in the palm of his hand throughout stand-out tracks, “Left For Ruins” and “New Waves”.

A 10-minute countdown announced headliners, Enter Shikari and prompted excitement to rocket through the roof. “The Appeal & The Mindsweep I” kicked off proceedings, whipping fans into a frenzy. “Destabilise”, “Radiate” and “Ghandi Mate, Ghandi” followed, with a background of daredevil crowd-surfing. The band took the crowd back to their 2007 debut, “Take To The Skies” with fan-favourite, “Mothership”. “Stalemate”, “The Paddington Frisk” and latest single, “Anaesthetist” concluded their set.

Enter Shikari have a unique appreciation of their Glasgow fans; the band chose The Barrowland to record a live LP in 2013 and fans returned the favour by swapping traditional chant of “One More Song” for national anthem, “O Flower Of Scotland” to coax the band back on-stage for an encore. Enter Shikari granted their wish, returning to the stage with, “Dear Future Historians” and “Slipshod”, before bowing out with a remix of classic track, “Sssnakepit”, not before they invited punters to their aftershow DJ set.

Enter Shikari’s sold-out Barrowland gig proved that their twisted take on modern rock is as popular today as their 2007 debut; their unique sound satisfies their fans, dazzles their critics and challenged everyone else anywhere near their genre.